Gigantic PS5s Have Landed In Dubai And Rome

If you've been lucky enough to find a PS5 during the console's first two years on the market, then you'll know how big it is. If you're still looking for one as PlayStation continues to claim its shortage is over and this is the first time you've seen one out in the world, don't panic, they're not all as massive as the one that has been dropped in Dubai.

The clip, which has been posted to PlayStation Arabia, shows a gigantic PS5 being carefully placed by a crane. As soon as it touches ground, it powers up and a beam of blue light is projected into the sky. Again, if you're in the market for a PS5, don't worry. A blue bolt of lighting won't emit from the top of it and puncture a hole in your ceiling.

It might seem a little odd to run a marketing campaign of this size for a product that has been on the market since 2020, but as touched on above, there's logic to it. Anyone who has waited in a virtual queue for a PS5 since it launched will know that they have been hard to come by. So hard that many probably gave up a long time ago. PlayStation wants those people to know that apparently, the queues are gone and its new-gen console is now readily available.

Dubai isn't the only city playing host to some oversized PlayStation marketing. It seems a similarly sized PS5 has also shown up in Rome, and others might continue to pop up around the world. There's also the massive Leviathan Axe embedded in a London pavement. Someone should probably tell Kratos to chill out. Ragnarok is over now after all.

There's been talk of PlayStation rolling out a new model of PS5 later this year. Not necessarily a PS5 Pro, or the equivalent, but it is rumored the updated console will come with a detachable disc drive. PlayStation will also be hopeful new PS5 adopters will pick up a PS VR2. The new headset launches this month and PlayStation has denied cutting production in half amid low pre-order numbers.

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