God Of War Fans Wanting To Go Into Ragnarok Unspoiled Should Avoid The Art Book’s Cover

The cover image for the God of War Ragnarok art book has been uncovered and those wanting to go in unspoiled should avoid it as it seems to show some spoilers.

Earlier today, God of War Ragnarok's various collector's editions went live for pre-order, selling out almost instantly across the world. Because pre-orders went live for the game, some bonuses and extra pieces of merchandise have also been revealed, including the cover art of the God of War Ragnarok art book.

Upon finding the art book, it quickly became clear that the front cover shows a scene we've not seen anything of just yet. Although it doesn't seem like anything too ground-breaking, anyone wanting to go into Ragnarok blind is going to want to avoid looking at the art book cover. Consider this a spoiling warning.

/Redditor omekomar shared the image of the art book on the God of War subreddit, linking to a retailer that is offering a mini version of it as a pre-order bonus for the game. The cover shows an ongoing battle where Sindri can clearly be uncharacteristically seen getting his hands dirty and fighting. Next to Sindri is a Jotun holding up a large ship on the left, while dragons can be seen flying around in the background.

Although Sindri fighting in a battle is already enough of a surprise, the big spoiler that fans have spotted is what looks like Mimir stood behind Sindri fighting with an actual body. It's not confirmed to be Mimir, but the glowing eyes, horns, and facial structure certainly look like him. There's a scene in the last God of War game where Mimir mentions Brok and Sindri taking an "uncomfortable amount" of measurements of his head, which would line up here with the two building him a body.

Fans are speculating that the scene is showing a late-game battle in Asgard, which would mean that this piece of art is one of our first looks at what the realm will look like, aside from the brief glimpse we got from the Jotnar Edition map.

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