God Of War Ragnarok Player Manages To Kill Valkyrie Queen Gna In 26 Seconds

Valkyries are some of the hardest foes to fell throughout 2018's God of War and this year's Ragnarok. The difficulty of taking out a Valkyrie is upped significantly in the sequel when players are tasked with taking down Gna, the Valkyrie Queen. As you reminisce about how many attempts it took you to finally beat and move past her, here's a clip of someone getting it done in 26 seconds.

ReaktioNz shared the clip on Reddit, boasting that they absolutely destroyed Gna in just 26 seconds, even taking the time to share their build and stats. That's why the clip is twice as long as the actual battle because most of it is showcasing exactly what was needed to beat Gna so easily. While the battle begins in a pretty normal fashion, Kratos's Leviathan swings quickly start draining the Valkyrie Queen's health at an alarming rate.

Just to make the feat even more impressive, the battle apparently took place on Give Me God Of War, the game's highest difficulty, just in case you were about to accuse reaktioNz of dialing it down for the video below. They reveal in the comments the build hinges on maximizing melee damage around combo finishers, pointing to the evade attack one as being the most effective.

If you've been having trouble with Gna, attempting to replicate the build that took her down in 26 seconds might be your best course of action. You'll need plenty of XP and hacksilver to make that happen though. In fact, some players have replied claiming the game has been hacked, citing that they shouldn't have that much XP and hacksilver if they were playing an untainted copy.

Others have marveled at what the player has managed to achieve and shared their own frustrations when battling Gna. A few have even claimed it took them hours to finally defeat her. Elsewhere in God of War news this week, Amazon finally confirmed it is working on an adaptation of the games, and Atreus actor Sunny Suljic has made it known he wants to be a part of the project.

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