Goose Goose Duck Vs Among Us: Which Is Better?

Whether you're looking for holiday games you can play with your family, or you simply want a group game that will casually rise the sus out of everybody, Goose Goose Duck and Among Us are top contenders. Both games have features that outshine the other, and might help you decide which is personally better for you.

Among Us and Goose Goose Duck are both good in their own way, but if you could only choose one game to play with your friends, we're here to help you weigh out the pros and cons.

11/11 Game Modes – Goose Goose Duck

An advantage Goose Goose Duck has over Among Us is that it has many different game modes. This might sound overwhelming to a new player, but in the long run it gives you more options to play the game. When you play Among Us, there are only two modes: Classic and Hide and Seek.

In Goose Goose Duck, there are six game modes. You can opt for Classic if you're new, which is similar to your Classic Among Us gameplay. There are a few ducks you'll have to eliminate, and in order to win the game, you must complete the tasks before you're all killed by the ducks. Or you can choose Goose Hunt, which is killer duck mode plus (which is more fun if you're the duck, and not-so-fun if you're the goose).

10/11 The Simplicity Of Gameplay – Among Us

In Among Us, there are only two modes you can choose from. It's also worth mentioning that there are only two roles available, Crewmate and Impostor, which makes life so much easier. Plus, "impostor" and "sus" is just a part of internet slang these days, making the game very influential in its own right.

Fame aside, it's also arguably easier to control in general, since you have an on-screen joystick at the bottom of your screen on mobile. Goose Goose Duck, conversely, makes you drag your duck/goose around. Overall, if you're new to these kinds of tag games, Among Us will be easier for you to understand at first.

9/11 Maps – Goose Goose Duck

Aside from having more variety, Goose Goose Duck maps are generally more complex, which makes gameplay all the more challenging. It's nothing daunting once you've familiarized yourself with the different maps, but it's also just more fun since the setting isn't limited to a spaceship. You can be at Goosechapel, which gives you an old English village feel to it. If that's not your thing, Blackswan and its oddly shaped map setting might be your preference if you want a map that's smaller and easier to navigate.

You have a greater ability to choose your environment in Goose Goose Duck, which skews the level of difficulty you will encounter.

8/11 Platform – Among Us

Goose Goose Duck is available almost everywhere, but Among Us beats it by one. Among Us VR is a thing, and if you have a headset, you can play this game differently from usual. It's nice to see your fellow Crewmates as more than 2D jellybeans, and it's fun to slash as an Impostor now that it feels a bit more real to see their severed body in 3D.

Tasks feel more dynamic, and even the venting experience makes you feel the need to amp up your stealth since it's all happening before you. If VR gaming is something you enjoy, then Among Us is a better choice for you.

7/11 Customization Of Characters – Goose Goose Duck

You wish Among Us had more customization options for your character, but it's rather limited. In Goose Goose Duck, you even have the option to customize the emotes of your farts. As strange as it was to enter a lobby farting all over the place with your character, the birds in Goose Goose Duck generally have more personality and style options.

You have color ranges for the geese that look generally silly, but still more than Among Us offers. You also have a lot of clothes, headpieces, and accessories to choose from, which prevents you from wanting to sus out a Crewmate for getting the same thing as you. If you want more customization options, Goose Goose Duck is a game that takes great liberties on that end.

6/11 Easier To Win As A Group – Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck can be easier to win if you have a lot of Geese on your side, and if you're playing a small map like Blackswan or Mothergoose. Smaller maps will make you discover bodies faster, and it's also easier to report a body in Goose Goose Duck. Spotting one allows you to report it to others immediately, without having to smash Emergency Meeting at the center of the map.

Compared to Among Us, and depending on the cooldown of the Impostor's ability to kill, it may be easier to kill and vent on the same standard map. But even in Classic mode, it's easier to commit a crime in Among Us and vent away conveniently. Maps in Goose Goose Duck can be disorienting, therefore more difficult as a bad guy.

5/11 Easier To Win As An Individual – Among Us

If you love playing the Impostor, it's relatively easier in Among Us compared to Goose Goose Duck. Sometimes, it's as easy as saying somebody is sus and then that poor soul gets voted out — without any good reasoning coming from anyone. The map is standardized, and the tasks are easier to fake in this game compared to Goose Goose Duck. Sabotages are child's play, even when you're a ghost due to ejection from the spaceship.

There are just more opportunities for you to win as an individual Impostor or even as a couple of Impostors. Meanwhile, you'll have to prepare yourself for minutes-long interrogations in Goose Goose Duck.

4/11 Roles – Goose Goose Duck

Compared to the standard Crewmate and Impostor (and a few other roles that roughly take either side), Goose Goose Duck has 18 different role types. Not all of them are Geese, and not all of them are Ducks. There are even roles that force you to win over everyone else by doing strange tasks, such as eating the corpses of dead birds (Vulture) or forcing others to get yourself voted out by the rest (Dodo).

This makes the game more complicated since you won't know who to trust to vote out. Even if they are suspicious, you will hesitate because you know there are roles that win by getting voted out.

3/11 Quicker To Play – Among Us

There are times that Among Us gets so outlandish that you can vote someone out just by throwing the word sus around them long enough. But jokes aside, Among Us is generally quicker to play since voting Crewmates out takes less time than in Goose Goose Duck on average.

It's also worth noting that Among Us tasks are simpler (except for the pesky Admin card swipe) and faster to fulfill, especially if your Impostor(s) aren't good at sabotaging and are playing purely to kill other Crewmates. If you want a faster game and can't really stand longer group games, Among Us will be your better option.

2/11 Creativity In Reasoning – Goose Goose Duck

Voting time takes longer in Goose Goose Duck compared to Among Us, which gives anyone just enough time and leeway to lie out of their minds (if they must). You can also be more vocal (literally) since it's customary to unmute in Goose Goose Duck in order to state your reason for being a Goose.

As weird as it is that you've reached that point wherein you'd have to convince people you're a Goose for survival, it's undeniably more fun and complicated given the nature of Goose Goose Duck. If you're a veteran of these kinds of games, Goose Goose Duck might be the better option for you over Among Us.

1/11 Verdict – GooseGooseDuck

Less mainstream compared to Among Us, Goose Goose Duck is an advanced version of the classic virtual mafia game, and you should seriously consider giving it a try. The variety, challenging nature, and customizability of this game make it preferable for people who want something like Among Us.

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