Got a new Nintendo Switch? These are the BEST games to buy for your new console

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If you were lucky enough to receive a Nintendo Switch this Christmas, then you’ll be wanting some equally brilliant games to go with it.

With the January sales about to begin, Express Online has picked out some of the very best games the Nintendo Switch and its OLED successor have to offer.

From Mario Party Superstars to Metroid Dread, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond to Skyward Sword, these are the games every Nintendo Switch owner must buy.

Metroid Dread…

Taking place directly after the events of GBA masterpiece Metroid Fusion, Dread shifts the action to Planet ZDR, where Samus must regain her abilities (and acquire some new ones) in a bid to survive tense encounters with deadly EMMI robots (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers).

A flawlessly designed game with superb boss battles and plenty of variety, Metroid Dread is another essential first-party release for the Nintendo Switch.

Zelda Skyward Sword HD…

To say the original Skyward Sword is a slow starter is an understatement. It’s like Nintendo designed it for people who had never touched a video game before, let alone a Legend of Zelda release.

Fortunately, one or two smart quality of life improvements ensures Zelda Skyward Sword HD doesn’t suffer the same fate. The speedier pace and option to turn off motion controls makes for a far more enjoyable adventure. There’s never been a better time to learn about the origins of Hyrule.

Mario Party Superstars…

The perfect game for the Christmas holidays, Mario Party Superstars features five classic boards from the Nintendo 64 era, not to mention 100 addictive mini-games from across the entire series.

It’s also bursting with ways to play, including free-for-all, four-player mini-games, 2 vs 2 battles, 1 vs 3 matches, and head-to-head. Best of all, you can play the entire thing online against your friends.

Nintendo Switch eShop vouchers (Download)

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Nintendo Switch eShop vouchers (Download)

Use Nintendo Switch eShop credit to purchase games from the online Switch store.

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