Gotham Knights: 10 Best Characters In The Game

Plenty of storylines set in Gotham City didn’t involve Batman, but Gotham Knights is the first one presented in video games. Former proteges of the Dark Knight take on his mission after Batman allegedly dies before the game starts. In this game you’ll play as one of four playable characters: Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Tim Drake/Robin, or Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.

On top of the playable characters, there are multiple of familiar faces from Batman’s history. You’ll run into both villains and allies as you explore Gotham and solve Bruce’s last case. These are the best characters in the game.

10/10 Renee Montoya

She might not take on the role of The Question in Gotham Knights, but Renee Montoya’s inclusion in the game is a nice nod to the comics in a few ways. For starters, Bruce Wayne’s uncle, Jacob Kane, is in the game and Renee dated his daughter Kate in the comics.

Furthermore, Renee ended up replacing Commissioner Gordon as Commissioner in the comics when he retired. Since Gordon died at the start of the game along with Bruce, Renee replacing him will be in the back of the minds of comic fans.

9/10 Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul is an important character in Batman’s story. Not only is she the daughter of the long-time antagonist Ra’s al Ghul, but she’s also the mother of Bruce’s child, Damian. Talia and Bruce have a sordid history, but she is as cunning as Bruce and just as ambitious as her father.

In some instances, she’s more ruthless than the leader of the League of Assassins. You know if she is going to play a large role, possibly larger than initially revealed, in the game.

8/10 Nightwing

Dick Grayson was the first person to take on the Robin mantle. He eventually grew up and took on the identity of Nightwing to set out on his own, away from Batman.

In Gotham Knights, his upbringing as a circus performer is obvious in his movements across the battlefield. You can use enemies as springboards during combat, and evade attacks with acrobatic grace exhibited by no other character. Nightwing is also the team player of the group. He utilizes area effects to boost and heal teammates.

7/10 Penguin

Penguin is an iconic villain from Batman’s Rogues Gallery. In previous iterations, like his role in the Arkham series, he’s been a hard-line villain working to derail Batman’s investigation.

However, you’ll end up working with him to an extent as one of the Gotham Knights. Think of him more as a confidential informant. Penguin is always out for himself and looks at how situations will benefit him. If working with the Knights will get him ahead in criminal life, then he’ll do it.

6/10 Batgirl

Barbara Gordon’s history in the comics is rich and extensive. She began her crime-fighting career working alongside Batman as Batgirl until she suffered a tragic accident at the hands of the Joker. Confined to a wheelchair, Barbara became Oracle.

Her skills as Oracle are ever-present in her role for Gotham Knights as she is the tech-savvy character that can hack the battlefield and disrupt electronic devices around her. Her abilities also allow her to remain undetected by security devices, giving you the upper hand when stealth is necessary.

5/10 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has had a noticeable up tick in popularity in recent years, so it’s only natural for her to appear in Gotham Knights. However, her character has held a level of popularity since her creation for Batman: The Animated series.

Don’t expect to see Harley how you’re used to seeing her, though. You will be intrigued by her role in this game if you’re expecting anything like her previous incarnations. She’s no longer the zany, manic pixie fans have come to know, but she’s equally as fascinating.

4/10 Robin

Tim Drake, the third Robin, is the most similar to Batman out of the other three playable characters. In the comics, he discovered Batman’s true identity without any assistance, putting his investigative skills on the same level as Bruce’s.

Unlike Bruce, the third iteration of Robin doesn’t only use hand-to-hand combat. He comes equipped with a collapsible quarterstaff. Gotham Knights makes him a master of stealth, as well. He doesn't use technology as heavily as Batgirl. He instead relies on his environment and smoke bombs to get the upper hand.

3/10 Mr. Freeze

Sometimes snow is just snow and a blizzard is just a blizzard. Not in Gotham, though. If there’s a severe snowstorm or anything to do with ice, it’s worth investigating. Nine times out of ten, the investigation will lead to Doctor Victor Fries a.k.a. Mister Freeze.

Victor doesn’t get as much time in the spotlight as other Gotham villains, so seeing him causing mayhem across the city for Bruce’s proteges is refreshing. You know fighting him will require unique strategies and tactics that will be difficult to accomplish.

2/10 Red Hood

If Nightwing is the graceful acrobat of the Knights, Red Hood is the straightforward brute. Jason Todd is the least like Batman in terms of combat and favors the use of guns. This anti-hero was the second Robin until he was brutally murdered at the hands of the Joker.

His outlook on the world is a little more skewed than the rest of the Bat-family since his return to the land of the living, but their goals remain aligned. Red Hood is a good character choice if you’re not a fan of beating around the bush.

1/10 The Court Of Owls

The Court of Owls obviously isn’t a single character, but it’s a big deal that they’re appearing in this game. They’re one of the most frightening organizations in Gotham City’s history as they have been pulling strings from the shadows since the city’s inception.

When sleazy backdoor deals don’t work out in their favor, the Court sends in their assassin Talon who never fails. This organization strikes fear into most of Gotham’s biggest criminals, and even had Dick Grayson on the ropes at one point during his tenure as Batman.

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