Gotham Knights: Every Boss Battles, Ranked

With some of the best villains in DC Comics history, Gotham Knights has an exciting range of enemies for the team of four to fight. The game features a mix of boss battles, both part of the main story and outside of it. Despite what you’ve seen in other games set in Gotham, each of these rogues is set on their own unique path.

Villains like Harley Quinn and Mister Freeze have new master plans, and smaller enemies like the Court of Owls are lurking in Gotham’s shadows. Some of these battles are difficult but fun, while others are needlessly repetitive. These are the seven boss battles in Gotham Knights, ranked.

7 Basher And Blazer

Fighting Basher and Blazer is one of the first boss battles you’ll experience in Gotham Knights. The two brutes are part of the Freaks faction, heavily associated with Harley Quinn. They may not seem too challenging at first glance, but they prove to be tougher than they appear. And, of course, fighting them while disabling bombs and fighting other smaller enemies doesn’t make it any easier.

While playing, you might be nostalgically transported back to the Batman Arkham games, as you’re dealing with a mix of enemies in a small space. But, one thing that sets this apart from other games is that you’re furiously multitasking. Several bombs are surrounding you, and specific ones will begin to count down at random. So, you’ll have to prioritize shutting them off, often multiple at a time, while being chased and beaten by Harley’s thugs.

6 Bruce Wayne

No one wants to go head-to-head with Bruce Wayne. After all, each of the playable characters has been trained by him in their early vigilante careers. So when you face a resurrected Bruce, you'll likely feel intimidated. But, he’s really not as tough as you’d think he’d be.

Maybe he’s less formidable due to his disorientation from the Lazarus Pit, confused as to why he’s fighting a dear friend, or maybe it’s because he’s a little rusty after being dead for some time. Either way, he’s not too much of a challenge, no matter how daunting he seems. Despite being one of the easier bosses, it’s still cool to be able to fight a hero after spending so much time brawling with villains.

5 Clayface

If anyone in Gotham can be considered dramatic, it’s Clayface. Basil Karlo is a side mission boss battle, as he doesn’t have any bearing on the main story. You’ll find pieces of him committing crimes all over the city. And you’ll need to collect samples of clay with each enemy you take down, which will lead you to his lair.

Fair warning: things are going to get a bit messy. The battle is slightly more challenging than others, as you’re fighting more than one large version of Clayface at once.

4 Harley Quinn

It’s so exciting to finally get another Harley Quinn boss battle outside of Batman Arkham Asylum, but you might be disappointed once the fight begins. Though it’s cool to see Harley cartwheel around as she tries to bash you with a hammer, the fight is extremely repetitive. It doesn’t take long to pick up on her combat patterns, so it’s not too hard to figure out how to stop her.

She throws in plenty of smaller enemies to keep you busy, but ultimately, the fight just feels drawn out and time-consuming. Maybe it’s because of all the repetition, but the fight doesn’t feel like it should be as long as it is. Regardless, she’s a fierce fighter with some comical dialogue.

3 Man-Bat

Finally, he’s gotten his time to shine, even if it is at night. Man-Bat, commonly known in the comics as Doctor Kirk Langstrom, makes a unique appearance in Gotham Knights. At first, you’re only taking on one of them in Arkham Asylum, but soon you’ll have to deal with a few following mini-bosses. Typically, there’s only one Man-Bat to worry about, but in this story, you’ll be fighting multiple in different areas.

Because of this, the Man-Bat, or rather Man-Bats, are increasingly difficult to fight. They swoop down on you while you try to fight other enemies, and they’re fairly powerful. The bats will also produce sonic screeches that will incapacitate you if you don’t evade them in time.

2 Talia Al Ghul

Perhaps the most difficult boss battle in the game, which is, of course, the final boss you’ll face, Talia al Ghul expectedly puts up quite the fight. As a pivotal member and occasional leader of the League of Assassins and the League of Shadows, it’s no surprise that she’s difficult to take down.

The boss is drawn out in different phases— Bruce Wayne being one of them. Talia is probably the fiercest fighter in Gotham City that night, as she attacks with a combination of mystical abilities and swift swings of her sword. Nonetheless, it’s exciting to finally fight Talia, especially with her betrayal looming over you.

1 Mister Freeze

Fighting Mister Freeze is always an experience, and Gotham Knights doesn’t let up on this expectation. Like Talia, Mister Freeze’s boss battle is separated by different phases. But unlike Talia, these different phases are more clearly distinguishable from one another.

With his new weather machine, Freeze showcases a wide range of attacks, all of which are set on the ice. At first, you face Freeze in his suit, but as the battle continues, he’ll hop into his spider-like contraption, gradually strengthening his defenses. Out of all the bosses, Freeze has the most variety.

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