Gotham Knights Leaked Trophy List Is Full Of Batman Puns, And Fans Are Loving It

With Gotham Knights set to launch later this month, we'll finally get to see if Batman is really, actually, 100 percent dead even at the end of the game. We'll also get to see a much more evolved version of Harley Quinn, according to creative director Patrick Redding. However, we now know a lot more about the game as the trophy list has also been leaked.

Spotted by MistahJ17 on Reddit, pulled by tracking site TrueTrophies,Gotham Knights has a total of 49 trophies – 39 bronze, seven silver, two gold, and one platinum. The descriptions of each of these trophies reveal more information on some of the other characters we can expect to see in Gotham Knights, but that's not why everybody is so interested in them. The comments on the original Reddit post suggest that fans quite like this naming convention, even if it's a stretch at times.

Many of the trophy names use wordplay based on the Batman universe. And, while some of them are pretty smooth, many are downright dumb – but in a funny way. It starts with names like 'Seeking Asylum' and 'To the Victor Go the Spoils', referencing Arkham Asylum and Victor Fries, a.k.a. Mr. Freeze, respectively.

Eventually, things start getting a bit more in your face, like 'Har, Har, Har, Very Funny' and 'Working Hard or Harley Working?', referencing the developed version of Harley we mentioned earlier. The trophy list also gives a nod to Matt Reeves' The Batman, and its theme by Nirvana, with 'Something in the Clay', surely in reference to Clayface. 'The Show Mud Go On' is also in line with the villain's origin as an actor.

There's also a trophy named 'Bat Out of Hell' for completing every Batcycle time trial, which sounds an awful lot like 2015's Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell.

This trophy list isn't the only Gotham Knights spoiler that's appeared recently. Thanks to the leak of a spoiler-filled artbook for the game, we now also know who the final boss of the game is. Executive producer Fleur Marty was understandably frustrated, tweeting, "I can't begin to understand why would anyone spoil a story (whether it's a game, a movie, a book, whatever) for others."

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