Gotham Knights Players Are Breaking Batman’s Rule And Tossing Thugs Off Roofs

So, Gotham Knights is finally out. And, while the reviews seem mixed, Warner Bros. did the one thing we were skeptical about – Batman is really dead and stays dead. We didn't believe it at first, but it appears to be true. While the Bat-family mourned Bruce, it also had the daunting task of protecting Gotham without the Caped Crusader. Of course, this isn't easy, considering there are people with ice-guns and clay monsters running around, so it seems that the kids decided to break Batman's rule of no killing.

As anybody who knows anything about Batman will know, he doesn't believe in killing – resulting in supervillains constantly breaking out of Arkham Asylum or Blackgate Prison and murdering Gotham citizens. However, with the Bat dead, Gotham Knights players don't seem to care about the no-killing rule, as can be seen on the game's Subreddit. There are quite a few posts showing the Bat family blatantly tossing thugs off the roofs of Gotham City.

One clip shows Red Hood, a.k.a. Jason Todd executed a thug by pushing him off a ledge. Jason already bends Batman's rules by using guns, but with his mentor-turned-enemy-turned-mentor gone, Jason has reverted to his old ways and is straight up murdering bad guys. Tim Drake seems to have taken up after Jason, as he too has started dishing out capital punishment. Another video shows Tim hanging on a ledge below a thug, only to spring up and acrobatically toss him off a roof that looks at least 15 floors high.

The Arkham games handled this problem by either making the rooftops walled, or just programming the enemy AI to fall forward or sideways when near the ledge. Unfortunately, it seems the Gotham Knights devs totally forgot about this. Marvel's Spider-Man actually had a great way to tackle this, where Spidey would automatically launch a web at a thug that's flying off a roof, sticking them to the side of the building.

Even with the considerable Wayne fortune, it doesn't seem likely that the Bat family could build something to launch out unlimited sticky rope with precise aim. So, for now, the thugs will have to settle for a close encounter with the pavement.

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