Gotham Knights Players Are Cancelling Pre-Orders Following 30fps Reveal

It's Gotham Knights launch week, and not everything revealed about the game as its arrival looms has been welcomed with open arms. Confirmation that console versions of the game will be locked at 30fps has got many claiming they'll be cancelling their pre-orders.

WB Montreal confirmed Gotham Knights players won't be able to sacrifice resolution for an improved framerate last week. While some people don't really care, others are claiming they no longer want to play it at all. Whether that be because they don't believe the game will be as visually pleasing as they hoped, or because WB Montreal waitied until a week before launch to divulge that info.

If you're questioning whether any of the people claiming they're cancelling their pre-orders are for real, some have been posting evidence. “Just canceled my Gotham Knights pre-order for Xbox. I just can't accept the fact that the game will be playable on 30fps in 2022,” MarianTheMad tweeted, attaching evidence of the cancelled pre-order and $69.99 refund.

Social media has spent the weekend attempting to understand why exactly WB Montreal has capped the console version of the game at 30fps. The blame appears to have been partially pinned on making sure the game performs well on the Series S, with one of the devs labeling the console a “potato”. With other games that have launched across all three current-gen consoles offering a performance mode, many aren't happy with that being offered up as an excuse.

Whether enough people have requested pre-order refunds to affect Gotham Knights' first week sales remains to be seen. It might never be clear how many people backed out of buying the game based on the 30fps cap reveal as people tweeting about it and doing it are two different things. It wasn't all bad news for Gotham Knights over the weekend though, as WB Montreal revealed it will get a four-player co-op mode called Heroic Assault on November 29.

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