Gotham Knights Will Require Multiple Playthroughs To See The Full Story

Gotham Knights is now less than a month away, and the overall sentiment towards it still seems to be one of confusion. It's not that people don't know what they're getting – Batman's dead, and it's up to the Batfam to keep Gotham safe. You'll be able to choose one of the kids at any given point, and progress through the story. Maybe it's the game itself, or maybe it's a marketing error, but one can hardly call Gotham Knights a 'highly anticipated' game at this point.

As of now, even getting through one playthrough of the game doesn't look all that appealing, but according to the devs, you'll need multiple to get the full story. WB Games Montreal game director Geoff Ellenor and cinematic director Wilson Mui revealed that each character will have a unique perspective of the overall story, and you'll have to play through them if you want the full picture.

"Just to be on the record, we actually made four [stories], not just one," said Mui in a conversation with Play Magazine (thanks MP1st). "That’s actually true," Ellenor chimed in. "You will not see all of it in a single playthrough. Just because there’s so much content that is unique to the hero’s perception of what’s going on and what’s happened."

Mui went on to explain that even though the overall story and scenes will be the same for Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood – each of them have their own unique knowledge and histories which will add differentiating elements to the same scene.

"Structurally, we’re gonna have a very similar scene that overall falls in the flow for each character, but each character has their own version of that," explained Mui. "So because, you know, they move differently, they speak differently, they have different histories with all the different characters, it allows us to make a scene that would be their version of that. If you were to look and play Batgirl, you’re gonna get Batgirl’s version, but if you play Robin, you’re gonna get Robin’s version of that same scene. Some of them are very similar in how they do it, but they’re gonna have little subtle differences."

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