Gran Turismo 7 Gets PS VR2 Update On February 21

For most of us, VR is probably the closest we'll ever get to being behind the wheel of an actual Bugatti Chiron, or a Ford GT, or a Lamborghini Aventador. So it comes as little surprise that Gran Turismo 7's upcoming PS VR2 upgrade is generating a lot of hype from racing fans. We've known for a while that Gran Turismo 7 will be one of the PS VR2's launch titles, and now we know that it'll arrive a day before the new VR hardware drops.

"We are pleased to announce that the PlayStation 5 version of Gran Turismo 7 will receive full PlayStation VR2 support through Update 1.29, releasing on 21 February," Polyphony wrote in today's blog update. "With this free upgrade, players will be able to experience all the races and game modes (excluding '2P Split Screen' mode) with a whole new level of realism."

The biggest boost to realism is head tracking, which like most VR games, allows the player's head to control the camera angle. This means sitting on your couch becomes just like sitting inside a multi-million-dollar racecar. This is truly a game-changer in terms of immersion since you'll be able to turn your head to see if someone is coming up behind you or trying to scoot ahead using the inside line.

But besides the head tracking, Gran Turismo 7's VR update will use the PS VR2's fancy eye-tracking feature to perform "foveated rendering and optimized HDR tone mapping, which renders areas of the screen where the player is directly looking at in ultra-high definition. There's also the 3D audio for that pristine engine roar.

The big new feature for the update is a VR showroom that'll let you explore all 450-plus cars both inside and out. View your car from several locations while standing virtually outside, or step inside to take a look at the cockpit. You can even turn your head to see the perfectly rendered rear seats for cars that actually have them. You can also choose between 12 backgrounds, with one of them being a traditional Japanese home with tatami walls in a bamboo forest.

Update 1.29 for Gran Turismo 7 arrives February 21, with the PS VR2 arriving February 22.

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