Gravity Falls Creator Shares How The Show Dodged Disney Censorship

The creator of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch, has shared a video detailing how the show dodged Disney's censorship.

If there's one thing that Disney has become pretty well-known for over the past few years, it's monopolising everything that it sees. If there's another thing that Disney is known for, it's censorship. Whether it's something as harmless as digitally editing Splash to hide a butt, or something much more severe like removing same-sex kiss scenes to appeal to global markets, Disney has earned itself quite a reputation.

If there's one creator who's been pretty open about the struggles of working with Disney, it's Gravity Falls' Alex Hirsch. In the past, Hirsch has called Disney out for censoring same-sex relationships within Gravity Falls, as well as referencing certain changes made to episodes to keep things up to Disney's standard.

Now, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Gravity Falls, Hirsch has shared a video compiling some of the encounters Hirsch had with Disney's TV Standards and Practises Department, and it shows just how much Disney wanted to change and censor Gravity Falls throughout it's runtime.

Some of the funniest examples include Disney wanting to change the line "poopface" because it comes across as a replacement for "shitface", while earlier examples of Mabel saying "poop" and "butts" was apparently fine. Hirsch also had to argue back and forth about this line "There once was a man from Kentucky" because Disney was worried viewers would rhyme it with "fuck", to which Hirsch said, "What would that even sound like? 'There once was a man from Kentucky, who misspelled the word 'fuck' and got the word 'fucky'?"

The two videos that Hirsch shared are full of silly examples of Disney trying to interfere with Gravity Falls, but if you want one of the stupidest examples, Hirsch also asked to remove a pipe from a goat's mouth from a fake movie poster, as Disney was afraid it'd remind viewers of smoking. In response, Hirch said, "Why? Is the concern that we'll influence horses to smoke pipes?"

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