GTA 5 Online DOWN: Rockstar servers unavailable error latest

While the official Social Club server status page hasn’t changed, it appears Rockstar servers are unavailable to some console players tonight.

A new spike in error reports have been appearing online, suggesting that GTA 5 is down again on PS4 and other platforms.

This happened yesterday following the release of the new Casino DLC on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The outage has been ongoing for some, although this appears to be more to do with a surge in players accessing the game.

“Does anyone else see saving failed unable to connect to the rockstar game services. anyone else also not able to purchase vehicles?” one user writes online.

While another adds: “Rockstar server is down and I’m not surprised. Everyone is suddenly rushing back to play GTA Online.”

It’s unclear what has caused tonight’s problems but it wouldn’t be surprising to learn it is to do with player numbers.

Following the launch of the Casino DLC, there was a surge of returning players updating their games.

Coupled with the new update release and content being launched in connection with the Casino, it would make sense that Rockstar Servers would come under added strain.

And as anyone who has been playing GTA Online for a while will know, getting stuck in the clouds above Los Santos is never a good sign.

Rockstar Games hasn’t changed their server status page but will no doubt share an update is problems continue.

The latest support message from Rockstar Games is in connection with a Twitch Prime offer, adding: “If you previously completed your sign up and the Master Penthouse is not showing as free, you can purchase the Master Penthouse and receive a rebate for the base price (no additions) within 48 hours.

“Rebates are available until August 1st, after which the Master Penthouse will be available for free for all Twitch Prime x Social Club members who are in good standing as of July 28th.”


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