GTA Fans Share Their Favorite Radio Stations

One of the greatest joys of playing a modern open-world game like Saints Row or GTA is simply cruising through the city with some great tunes. They definitely make it easy too, especially the GTA series, which has provided dozens of fantastic radio stations to flick through across the entire series. However, music is a very subjective thing, so players are naturally going to gravitate towards their favorite stations which play their favorite songs.

That's what the GTA community has been discussing, as Redditor UntalentedChild has asked the GTA subreddit which stations they always find themselves tuning into. As you might expect, there are some classics stations mentioned, including GTA 5's Los Santos Rock Radio which is brought up by Redditor Rockyflame458. They mention its their favorite as it has some "absolute bangers," which is a bit of understatement when songs like Radio Gaga and Danger Zone are included.

West Coast Classics – also from GTA 5 – gets a mention too, and has a lot more music you'd probably associate with the series. Amazing artists like 2Pac, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dog all feature, although as YK107 points out, the only downside is that you have to hear a man shout about how "it's Dre day" every five minutes. A small price to pay for some classic tunes though.

Other GTA 5 radio stations mentioned by quite a few people include both FlyLo FM and Blonded Radio, while stations from older games that come up quite a lot include MSX FM from GTA 3 and Wave 106 from GTA Vice City. It just goes to how much effort (and money) Rockstar has put into making sure our joy rides around Liberty City or Los Santos are as enjoyable for our ears as possible.

In other GTA-related news, GTA Online players that like to take on the game's many heists are gtting pretty sick of being griefed. Instead of constantly being blown up, players want to make cargo stealable, which they figure could lead to some entertaining events while also cutting down on the mindless destruction.

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