Hades 2 Fans Think Dora Might Be Pandora

The first Hades had a small cutesy character called Dusa, an obvious play on Medusa, the snake-laden green woman who can turn you to stone with nothing more than a passing lock of the eyes. And it looks like Hades 2 might be following in the original's footsteps with Dora, a new, also cutesy character, who is likely a play on Pandora.

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the very first woman. She ushered evil into the world when she opened a jar, AKA the iconic Pandora's Box. Lending credence to this theory, aside from the more obvious namesake, is the fact that, in The Game Awards reveal, we see her besides a chest in her study. It may be that same Pandora's Box, or something that at least symbolises it.

Pandora was created by Hephaestus under order of Zeus, and given how she appears much younger in Hades 2, fans speculate that we might even get to meet Hephaestus, the god of metalworking and craft, once and for all. Maybe he'll smith us up some goodies. However, where in Greek mythology she is the first human woman, she appears in Hades 2 as a Listless Shade.

This theory was posited by @megaeraswife in a tweet last night during The Game Awards. In the tweet (which is embedded above), they mention a chest that you can see in the top right, however they clarify in the comments that they meant the chest in the top left, which you can see covered in books by some shelves.

Whether Dora really is Pandora, as many are now speculating remains, to be seen, but with Hades 2 entering early access next year, it shouldn't be too long before we can dig in and start to investigate in more detail. Maybe she has some dialogue hinting at her true origins.

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