Halo Announces New Toy Lineup Just In Time For The Holidays

Halo has teamed up with various manufacturers to offer a brand-new lineup of Master Chief-inspired toys. From a massive Energy Sword replica to Mangler Nerf guns, there’s bound to be something fun that catches your eye.

The coolest products – in my humble, nerdy opinion – are the ones created in collaboration with Mega Construx. Starting today, you’ll find a range of incredible Halo-Mega Construx products on store shelves. These include the 25-inch Energy Sword, Master Chief Helmet, and the Forerunner Ring Installation. There’s also a Pelican Dropship Set that has over 2,000 pieces and includes micro-figures of Chief, the Pilot, and a Banished Hunter.

If you’d rather not piece together your gift, a new lineup from Wicked Cool Toys might be a better fit. Ranging for four-inches tall to a towering 12-inches, the new action figures include a Brute Chieftain, Elite Warlord, a Warthog, and Master Chief.

Nerf has been pumping out slick Halo-themed guns for a while now, and there are a few more weapons we can now add to the arsenal – the MA40 and the Mangler. The MA40 includes a 10-dart clip and a motorized blaster to dominate your unlucky target. Both come with digital codes for use in Halo Infinite when it launches next year that will grant you an exclusive in-game item. While the MA40 is available now, you’ll have to wait until January 1 to get your hands on the Mangler.

Everyone and their grandma loves Funko. So Halo is giving the people more Funko Pops. There are three new Master Chief variants to collect, and three others that are exclusive to specific retailers:

  • Master Chief Hydro Deco – Best Buy
  • Master Chief Active Camo – Target
  • Spartan MK VII – GameStop

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier – and very much not a toy – check out this beautiful statue from Dark Horse. The 10.5-inch statue is absolutely stunning, and would be at home on any collector’s desk. It’s a Best Buy exclusive, however, and is likely to sell out fast.

To learn more about the products and where to purchase them, head on over to the official Xbox website.

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