Halo Infinite Adds New Community Map Playlist

Despite fears and rumors that Halo Infinite's lack of success will lead to Xbox moving on from it far sooner than intended, for now at least, the content will keep on coming. That includes what will hopefully be a popular maps update to fill the gap between now and season three, one that intends to add a handful of community creations to the rotation to freshen things up a little.

Aptly dubbed the Community Collection in a new blog post (thanks, DualShockers), 343 Industries has selected four fanmade maps and turned them into an all-new playlist. While the idea is to add to that playlist over time, and presumably rotate community maps in and out, the first four maps to make the cut have been revealed.

The first two remade maps are Salvation and Starboard. The former is a remake of Combat Evolved's Damnation, and the latter will be reminiscent of Halo 2's Midship for those familiar with that map. While the other two maps debuting in the Community Collection are original creations, called Absolution and Perilous, it's clear to see both have been inspired by Halo maps of old, just like the remade ones.

Despite Infinite launching well over a year ago, its Forge is still being ironed out. Only made widely available at the end of last year, players have technically been able to experience other people's creations in-game since December. However, between player-controlled lobbies and all your hard work not earning any XP, it makes a lot of sense that 343 handpicks a few maps and makes them a part of the official rotation.

There will be plenty more creations to come too as even though Infinite might well be in a spot of bother, shortly after Xbox revealed a chunk of 343's staff had been let go, a roadmap for the future of Forge was confirmed and shown off. Perhaps after Infinite players have had a few weeks with some fanmade maps, Xbox will want to reissue a survey it sent out recently in which it asked players whether they are done with the game.

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