Halo Infinite Gets Stranger With Custom Upside Down Forge Map

Halo Infinite's delayed Forge mode still isn't here. That doesn't mean we haven't been learning more about it, though. The long-awaited addition to the latest Halo game is clearly nearing completion as more and more leaks revealing what to expect are finding their way into the wild. The latest of those leaks is a map that has been transformed to look like The Upside Down.

The incredible looking creation comes courtesy of EliteFalcon, and you can check it out for yourselves below. The player is peering through their Spartan's visor, but other than the gun in their hands, everything they can see isn't in-keeping with what else you might stumble upon on Zeta Halo. They're in the woods, it's incredibly dark, and the only thing that lights the way are the terrifying red lightning strikes hitting the ground around them.

The Forge creation is, of course, inspired by Stranger Things, and might well be the best example yet of just how extensive Infinite's Forge mode is going to be. Despite how good the short clip looks, EliteFalcon reveals in the replies to the video below that it took them just 45 minutes to make. So not only will the possibilities be vast, but after a little bit of time with the new Forge, you should be able to make some pretty unique stuff pretty quickly.

Forge was first introduced in Halo 3 and has been an incredibly popular part of the series ever since. Hence the disappointment from Infinite players when 343 revealed it would not be a part of the game at launch. The leaks keep on coming though, and have so far included not only a recreation of The Upside Down, but also a massive Master Chief, and potentially the ability to make your very own gravity gun.

Even though Forge appears to be nearing completion, there's a good reason why we're yet to hear anything official about its arrival beyond the promise it will be here before the end of 2022. Right now 343 is almost entirely focused on getting co-op campaign out into the world. The studio remains hopeful it will launch before the end of August, but its beta getting delayed at the last second last week suggests that might not happen.

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