Halo Infinite Is Coming This Holiday With Solo Campaign And Free To Play Multiplayer

As part of its Xbox Showcase, Microsoft unveiled a number of details for Halo Infinite including its long awaited release date and a brand-new glimpse at gameplay. We’ll dive into details surrounding the gunplay and narrative further below, but let’s get the release information out of the way first.

343 Industries has confirmed that Halo Infinite will be launching in Holiday 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Like all first-party games, it will be available on Xbox Game Pass as a Play Anywhere title on day one. Multiplayer will be completely free to play, coming with a seasonal model and regular updates. Console stock will hopefully be normalised by then, so late adopters can even pretend it’s a launch game for funsies.

Halo was originally created by Bungie, with the studio producing a total of five excellent shooters before bowing out and turning its attention to Destiny. However, given Halo is such a big moneymaker for Microsoft, it conjured up an entirely new studio in the form of 343 Industries to carry the torch and ensure that Master’s Chief’s adventure continues for years to come. Now, The Reclaimer Trilogy will finally come to a close with the arrival of Halo Infinite.

The campaign trailer follows Master Chief as he continues his battle across Delta Halo against brutes, grunts, and elites who once again want to prevent him from saving the galaxy. It’s business as usual, but looks gorgeous and expresses the same grand, emotional music the franchise is renowned for. Chief also stumbles across a new artificial intelligence who resembles Cortana, but she claims her programme as been deleted, a twist which raises plenty of questions given how Halo 5: Guardians ended.

Multiplayer will adopt a seasonal model, sporting a paid and free battle pass that takes advantage of its free-to-play nature. You can expect new and classic game modes alongside plenty of unlockable cosmetics and excellent surprises. Xbox Series X owners can also take advantage of 120fps performance, although can opt for 4K visuals instead if fancier graphics are more your bag. It’s looks excellent, and is hopefully a return to form for online play that newcomers and veterans can enjoy.

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