Halo: The Master Chief Collection Teases Flood Firefight

The official Halo Twitter channel is teasing a brand-new game mode for Halo. But it’s not for the newest Halo Infinite, but for the classic Halos of the Master Chief Collection.

Late last summer, 343 Industries teased a brand new game mode called Flood Firefight, a take on the old Firefight mode from Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach. But instead of fighting waves of Covenant, you fight waves of Flood. Halo Insiders even got a brief opportunity to experience Flood Firefight first-hand, but according to PCGamesN, 343 Industries decided the enemy AI needed additional refinement before the new game mode was ready for prime time.

It seems that time might finally be here. The Halo Twitter account tweeted the below picture of a lone marine facing off against a pair of Flood monsters. "Next week," reads the caption, "something new is on its way to MCC…"

We’ll get more out of 343 sometime later this week, so stay tuned to the Halo social media channels. In the meantime, players have a month left to finish their Halo Infinite season one battle passes before Season Two: Love Wolves arrives with new maps, new cosmetics, and an all-new battle royale game mode.

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