Happy Holidays! Muppet Christmas Carol Is Bloodborne, Actually

When you think of Bloodborne, it’s likely that the Victorian elements, Lovecraftian horror, or even Souls formula is what comes to mind first and foremost. However, a weird connection has been struck by Twitter user Jack McDonald, that of Bloodborne’s parallels to the Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

Polygon pointed out a more general comparison between the Muppets and Bloodborne way back in 2019, 4 years after the game’s initial release date (Bloodborne is half a decade old, let that sink in). They covered points such as the long limbs of characters, either for comedic effect or boss design reasoning, similarities in movements between Muppets and bosses, the big birds that can be found, or even the animalistic hair follicles that wave when the character’s move.

However, where Polygon dove deep into the more animated similarities whilst comparing Muppets as a whole, Jack McDonald pointed out plenty of the weird coincidental similarities between Muppet Christmas Carol and Bloodborne.

Perhaps the most striking comparison lies with the eerie, hooded enemies that kidnap you in Bloodborne, bringing you to Hypogean Gaol where you can fight Darkbeast Paarl early game. The Muppet Christmas Carol has its own, very similar design in the Ghost of Christmas Future, a menacing hooded figure with a gaping hole where his face should be.

On top of that, Muppet Christmas Carol sports very unsettling, somber, upper-class, educational Victorian set pieces. Naturally, this is going to feel very close to home when it comes to Bloodborne given that both are based on the same historical era of England, that of the Victorian 1800s. It’s a natural coincidence that’s bound to happen with any Victorian media, but side-by-side, the similarities are certainly hard to ignore.

Perhaps, given said similarities between the two, at least on a visual level, it would be worthwhile to spend the holidays this year venturing back into Bloodborne with a mean Scrooge cosplay. After all, what could be more intimidating than an old pensioner, who loves capitalism and hates fun, slicing and dicing with his cane?

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