Hardspace: Shipbreaker Leaves Early Access This Spring

Hardspace: Shipbreaker just announced its release window. After hitting Steam early access back in June of 2020, the spaceship salvaging game will have its full release later this Spring.

Hardspace will make the leap from version 0.7 to 1.0 with its next major update, which will also include the third and final act of the game's campaign. Act two arrived last September and added a middle manager who's trying to stop you from escaping indentured servitude aboard a space station that specializes in salvaging old and unwanted spacecraft. Will you finally be able to repair one of those ships to make your escape? We'll find out in the "satisfying and exciting end to the campaign."

But the final release won't just bring the end of Hardspace's story. You'll be able to continue playing even after you escape, and you'll even have the ability to save your progress midway through each level. The long-awaited Ship Save feature will let players save their progress during shipbreaking so they can walk away mid-task and return later exactly where they left off. Ship Save was one of the most-requested features, wrote Blackbird Interactive, and they're working hard to make sure it arrives with version 1.0.

Blackbird is also "making several changes to smooth out progression" so the randomized elements of the game don't leave some players behind while others rocket ahead. Steam achievements, bug fixes, optimizations, and stability improvements are also planned for the next update.

Unfortunately, Blackbird noted that the next update will also reset everyone’s progress because of all the systems being changed. The developer promised this will be the last time and acknowledged frustration with progress resets during the early access period, “but it’s an unfortunate necessity when introducing new campaign content.”

Hardspace: Shipbreak will receive a small bump in price when it releases in full later this Spring, going to $34.99 from $24.99. Prospective shipbreakers might want to buy the game now before its full release to save a few bucks.

And if you're not a PC gamer but still think salvaging spaceships is a cool idea for a video game, we've got good news. Blackbird plans to start porting Hardspace: Shipbreaker to consoles after the full PC release.

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