Harry Potter Fan Recreates Hogwarts In Valheim, Includes Quidditch Pitch And Hagrid’s Hut

Valheim players have already found ways to bring Lord of the Rings and Skyrim to the game, so it only makes sense we’d see the same treatment for Harry Potter. One dedicated fan has recreated several locales from the popular books, including the iconic Quidditch pitch and Hagrid’s cozy, undersized cabin.

Spotted by PCGamer, the build is still a work in progress – but already looks incredibly polished. Zabore is the brains behind the build, who said the creation was done in debug mode, saving them the time of having to farm for materials. Beyond the pitch and cabin, there are also a few interior shots of Hogwarts, along with an aerial view of the map’s progress.

You can check out the full album below:

Valheim is quickly becoming the “new Minecraft,” with players recreating popular locations from their favorite IPs with the game’s elaborate crafting system. This new Hogwarts build is plenty impressive, but it’s far from the only recreation we’ve seen in the past few months. Helm’s Deep, Fable 2’s Castle Fairfax, and even a miniature replica of Endor have all found their way into Iron Gate’s survival game.

While players are busy with massive builds, the developer is keeping busy with constant updates. One of the latest patches reworked Valheim’s terrain system, boosting its overall loading speeds and providing a smoother gameplay experience. Iron Gate also shared a few mysterious images of the upcoming Hearth and Home patch, which gave us a look at a pair of shoes and a massive ravine with a waterfall in the top-right corner.

I’m not sure what it all means, but I’m excited to learn more in the coming weeks.

Valheim continues to put up impressive numbers on Steam, although it’s finally fallen from the number one spot. At the time of writing, Nier Replicant, Nioh 2, and – surprisingly – Titanfall 2 make up the top three, with Valheim sitting in seventh behind Outriders. For an early access title with little marketing, that’s pretty damn impressive.

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