Hasan Has Been Banned From Twitch Over Copyright Claim

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan has been banned from the platform over what appears to be a false copyright strike. Hasan shared an email from Twitch with his followers, in which it states Hasan's Twitch channel has been suspended for two days and has been struck with a copyright claim. He was, in fact, talking about a variety of topics including the ongoing Georgia senate race. The video in question, as well as the archived video, has been removed from the platform

According to this email, it states that the person who issued the copyright strike is from Censored TV, a right-leaning video platform that recently interviewed Kanye West. The specific person the claim came from is Censored TV CTO Ray Aguilar, who claims he's struck Hasan's Twitch account as one of Censored TV's videos featured in his latest stream.

Of course, Hasan has criticized the decision via his personal Twitch account, as he believes the copyright strike was issued to silence criticism of the far right. In a tweet earlier today, Hasan claims that Aguilar is using Twitch's copyright system to "takedown someone covering and criticizing their silly ideas" and labels the move "absolutely pathetic."

It's been a known fact for a while that both Twitch and YouTube have clearly exploitable flaws in their copyright systems, easily allowing people who may disagree with a video's viewpoints or criticisms to simply remove them by issuing false copyright claims. Hasan hasn't made it clear whether he's going to challenge the decision, but his Twitch channel will be reinstated in a little under 48 hours time regardless of the result.

Fans of Hasan will know that this definitely isn't the first time he's been banned from Twitch, as this time last year the streamer was removed for using the term "cracker," which is considered an "anti-white slur." The whole debacle actually kicked off a big racism controversy within Twitch, even causing the platform to review its policies on slurs and bans.

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