Hearthstone: What Is Reborn?

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Reborn is a card mechanic in Hearthstone, added in the Saviors of Uldum expansion, but is also included on new cards from the March Of The Lich King expansion.

Reborn is an excellent mechanic that is a staple of many of the new Death Knight decks, but also works its way into many other decks in various forms. This short guide covers what Reborn is, how it works, and some of the most popular cards that feature this mechanic.

What Is Reborn, And How Does It Work?

Reborn is a card mechanic that respawns a card after it is killed, to put it simply.

Let's take a look at this Invincible card, which is from the March Of The Lich King expansion. When killed, Invincible respawns as a 5/1. It keeps its original health stat, which means it can be healed back up to full health. In-game, you can tell if a card has reborn if it has a glow around it.

When the minion dies, it loses its reborn effect. A minion can only be Reborn once per summon. If you return the card to your hand replay it, it will get its Reborn effect back.

  • Silenced minions lose Reborn.
  • Yes, you can cause multiple Reborns to summon if you use a card like Khadgar.
  • Any buffs you placed on the minion before its Reborn will be lost when it respawns.

Notable Cards With Reborn

Cards with the Reborn ability:

  • Malignant Horror
  • Thassarian
  • Scourge Rager
  • Invincible
  • Blightbood Berserker

Cards that spawn cards or provide other cards with Reborn:

  • Drakkari Embalmer
  • Graveyard Shift
  • Tomb Guardians
  • Possessifier
  • Undying Allies
  • Infantry Reanimator

As you can see, Reborn is very common from the new Death Knight set, and it provides some great synergy with corpses and Denathrius. You can read more about it in our Death Knight guide.

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