Hello Neighbor 2: Level Two Walkthrough

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  • Bakery Puzzle: How To Get All Register Keys
  • The Museum: Model House Puzzle

Hello Neighbor 2 is a tense stealth stand-off. Exploring the semi-open world of Wayron Croobs, you'll have to keep your fingers light and your feet fast if you want to piece together the puzzles lurking behind your neighbors' front doors.

Level Two begins on a brand-new day. If you want to gain access to the museum, however, you'll have to best the town Baker and successfully swipe the key. If you're having difficulty with any of the puzzles, this walkthrough will take you by the hand and lead you to victory – just stay quiet, ok?

Bakery Puzzle: How To Get All Register Keys

Instead of heading straight to the Museum, you'll notice that the Bakery is now open for business. This will be your first stop since the key to the Museum is hidden inside the cash register.

To get it, you'll need to track down the missing cash register buttons.

Button Number

How To Get It

Button 1

Sneak into the bakery using the side-door and grab the key out of the Baker's pocket when her back is turned. Head into the pantry just to the left of the kitchen side-door and unlock the fridge using the key. Get the cat treat and leave it in the cat's food bowl. Pick up the key from its bed when it moves.

Button 5

Grab the valve handle from the downstairs pantry, and slot it into the valve on the wall of the upstairs bathroom. Turn it once to turn off the food supply to plants on the balcony, or else they will keep growing back when you trim them. Head out to the balcony and trim the bush to retrieve the key from beneath it.

Button 7

Cut a hole in the wall of the upstairs bedroom (the spot looks like a white piece of cloth) with your scissors to get the grandfather clock arm, placing it in the clock just behind you. Checking the digital clock to the right of the grandfather clock, you'll see the time is 10:35. Turn the clock arms until the time matches the digital clock and a drawer will pop out with the register key.

Button 6

Get the ice block from the freezer in the kitchen and put it into the open-flame oven. Grab the fire extinguisher and put out the flames, revealing a key you can use to unlock the locked book sitting on the coffee table nearby the stairs on the upper floor of the bakery. The book contains the last register key.

Now that you have all the keys, you can type in the code to the cash register: 1576, as printed on the poster on the wall just to the right of the till.

If you're having trouble getting the Baker to leave the front room of the Bakery, try giving her back her fire extinguisher. She will pick it up and carry it back to its spot in the kitchen, giving you just enough time to key in the code.

Grab the winged key quickly and scarper out of there before the Baker can find you. Next, head for the Museum up the hilly path just behind the Bakery.

The Museum: Model House Puzzle

Enter the museum and use your key on the heavy padlock on the door separating the foyer from the main hall. You'll notice your dear creepy neighbor mooching around in there, but ignore him for now. In the foyer, take a right and make note of the Wayron Croobs map model; you'll need to find and place three house models to complete the map and earn a key that will let your progress further into the museum.

Here is where you can find all three house models:

House Model


Red House

Sitting on top of the safe to the left of the map.

Blue House

In a glass display case on the far left of the main hall, next to the side-door with a red board on it. It has glass on the floor in front of it which will make a noise when you stand on it, so get ready to run.

Brown House

In the cobwebbed display on your right as you enter the main hall; use your scissors to cut the web and grab it. As above, it has glass on the floor in front of it, making for an unavoidably noisy grab unless you jump on the furniture around the case instead.

There is a small passageway beneath the stairs on the left-hand side of the main hall. Once you grab the blue house, run into the passage and out the other side to pick up the brown house in one fell swoop, making a neat and nimble circuit of it.

Once you place all the houses, you'll be awarded the key to the locked door just behind you. Unlock the door, and you'll find yourself in a narrow corridor with a portrait and wall-mounted lantern at the far end.

Use your scissors to snip the cobweb on your immediate left as you go through the door to get the other lantern, and then place it in the empty bracket on the other side of the painting. You can now interact with the other lantern to open the secret door behind the painting.

You'll now find a key sitting on the table in this secret room. Pick it up; you'll need it soon. You can use your crowbar to unblock the side door for a shortcut back into the main hall (or you can just double back on yourself and go through the main hall doors).

Head up the stairs quickly and head towards the locked bedroom door on the far left of the upstairs landing:

Unlock the door and head inside. Once you enter the room, smash the glass display case against the left-hand wall and pick up the photograph. This will trigger a cutscene and wrap up Level 2!

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