Henry Cavill Reportedly Nearly Left The Witcher After Season 2

Earlier this week, we had the shocking news that Henry Cavill wouldn't be continuing as Geralt of Rivia for season four of The Witcher, instead being replaced by Liam Hemsworth. Although it was first assumed that it was because of his commitments as Superman for DC, several reports have since come out that suggest that there was some tension behind-the-scenes and that Cavill didn't always see "eye-to-eye" with the producers on the show.

As reported by reliable Witcher news source Redenian Intelligence, Cavill's exit from the show has apparently been in the works ever since the second season of the show was in post-production and the third season hadn't yet been picked up by Netflix. At the time, Redenian Intelligence's sources reported to them that "recasting Geralt was a growing possibility at Netflix".

The reasoning behind that is that Cavill was apparently considering leaving The Witcher after the end of the second season, because he wasn't seeing "eye-to-eye" with the producers regarding "content and Geralt's role". If the source is correct, that seems to imply that one of the main reasons behind Cavill leaving the role is that he wasn't happy with how his character was being portrayed.

This was backed up by the reports a few weeks ago that some of the writers on the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher weren't fond of the book. Redenian Intelligence says that it didn't believe that Cavill was serious when it got the information, so it decided to hold onto it and not report it, something that was then followed up with Cavill being signed on to a third season.

However, it was clear that Cavill's attitude had changed towards the show as, during the press tours for the third season, he made repeated comments about how he wanted Geralt to act more like he does in the book, saying things like, "The toughest part for me was finding that balance between the showrunners’ vision and my love for the books, and trying to bring that Geralt to the showrunners’ vision".

Although Cavill hasn't officially stated that he left the show because of these reasons, it seems unlikely to be anything to do with him returning to the role of Superman. As Redenian Intelligence mentions, in a 2019 interview on the subject he claimed he could do both roles at once, saying, "You’ve got to keep in mind that regardless of what movies I’ll be doing over the next few years, you can fit two projects into one year".

With the reports that Cavill was considering leaving the show before its third season and his own comments during interviews and press tours, it does appear that it wasn't just his role as Superman that caused the actor to leave the show. To add a little fuel to the fire and a little more evidence to the report, Redenian Intelligence also mentions that it noticed several crew members on The Witcher following Liam Hemsworth during the filming of the third season, which means it could have been in the cards for quite some time.

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