Here’s How The New Seasons Work In Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves is about to shift from monthly updates to a new seasonal update system. This model has been adopted by many of the biggest continually updated multiplayer games like Apex Legends or Destiny 2. So it was only a matter of time until Rare’s pirate simulator decided to follow suit.

Many Sea Of Thieves fans may be wondering how this change will affect the roll-out of new content. To answer that question, Rare has posted a helpful video that goes into detail about how seasonal updates will work.

This video goes over how these seasons will affect your progression through the game. The way you gain levels from doing missions for the various trading companies will remain the same, but there will also be a season pass on top of that. The pass will contain 100 levels worth of cosmetics, gold, and other rewards. From the look of things, you’ll be able to level up this pass just by doing pirate-y things like fighting skeletons and digging up buried treasure. Players who have obtained the title of Pirate Legend – which requires hitting level 50 with three different trading companies – will gain additional exclusive cosmetic rewards.

There will also be challenges called trials that can be completed to level up your battle pass quickly. There seems to be a variety of trials available, which involve going through a small list of optional objectives. For example, the one showed in this video is all about goals relating to fire such as setting a skeleton on fire and finding a Devilfish while sailing within The Devil’s Roar. Do these and you should be done with your battle pass in no time.

The seasonal battle pass will be free to all players, but unsurprisingly, there will also be a paid pass called the Plunder Pass. This will give players who shell out the money for the pass access to a collection of exclusive cosmetics from the Pirate Emporium. The pass will be priced at 999 Ancient Coins or about $10 in actual non-pirate currency.

This seasonal shift is coming quite soon as it’s set to begin in two days on January 28th. Each season will last approximately 3 months and bring an assortment of content and quality of life updates. Hopefully, this change will be beneficial for everyone who plays or works on Sea Of Thieves and not just a way to rake in more money on yet another seasonal pass.

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