Hi-Fi Rush: Spectra Door Location Guide

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After finishing the main story of Hi-Fi Rush, you can play a new game plus. With this new game mode come new challenges, and Spectra Doors are one of those only accessible in your second playthrough. These doors are different challenge rooms, and when you complete all of these challenges, you can unlock the secret ending in the game.

There are eight Spectra Doors in total. Some of these Spectra Doors are well hidden in some tracks, so they can be hard to find. Here are all eight Spectra Door locations and which track you should choose to find them.

Spectra Door One

Spectra Door One is located on Track One: A Fresh Start. A few minutes after you are introduced to Peppermint you can find this door. You need to jump down from this ledge to find the first challenge.

How To Beat Spectra Door One

In Spectra Door One, you need to kill six drones without touching the ground, the floor is lava. The easiest way to beat this Spectra Door is jumping as soon as the challenge starts and spamming the light attack.

After your light attack combo is done, you can jump and grapple to another target. Rinse and repeat.

Spectra Door Two

Spectra Door Two is located on Track Two: Power Up. After you're introduced to a new shielded enemy type in track two and defeat it, look up, and you can see the Spectra Door Two. Jump up to the level until you reach it.

How To Beat Spectra Door Two

In this challenge, you will be able to deal damage after a successful 12 beat long parry. The best way to beat this challenge is to use your parry counter-attacks.

If you purchased these attacks, you will be able to do additional damage by pressing the corresponding button for your special attacks after successfully parrying.

After completing this challenge, you'll be rewarded with a Broken Piece of Health Tank.

Spectra Door Three

In Track Three: Trial By (Volcanic) Fire, Zanzo sends you an enemy with a double circular saw, and after you defeat it, you can access the Spectra Door Three. Follow the road by turning to the left after the fight, and after the door, you should follow the secret path by turning to the right.

How To Beat Spectra Door Three

This challenge requires you to kill enemies by only using parry counter-attacks such as High Alert, Kick Shot, and Love Tap before the time limit ends.

Make sure to stay as close as you can to enemies and press the counter button only when the glow effect comes off from their weapons. After completing this challenge, you will be rewarded with Life Gauge Piece.

Using any other attack will result in failing the challenge.

Spectra Door Four

You will need Korisca for the Spectra Door Four, and this door is located on Track Four: Less Budget, More Problems. When you get to the room with the lava tube in the center in track four, you will see a generator you can run with Korisca. After you run this generator, you should follow the path up, jump up and you can find Spectra Door Four.

How To Beat Spectra Door Four

Spectra Door Four's challenge is similar to Spectra Door Three, the only difference here is to kill enemies with a dodge counter before the timer goes down this time. You don't even have to move at all. Time your dodge and go for the counter.

Spectra Door Five

Spectra Door Five can be missed easily; it is located on Track Five: Breakin' Out, the chapter where you should repair three security nodes. After you reach the big tower with a ton of balls, you should turn right and drop below. After you jump down the secret area, you can see the Spectra Door Five and one Hi-Fi Rush Graffiti Collectible.

How To Beat Spectra Door Five

You need to kill at least two enemies with Jam Combo to complete this challenge. Jam Combo can be achieved by pressing the special attack buttons on the Beat Hit timings. Since Jam Combo requires one reverb bar, you can kill one of the three enemies to get enough reverb.

After completing this challenge, you will be rewarded with a Broken Piece of a Health Tank.

Spectra Door Six

Spectra Door Six is located on Track Seven: The Climb chapter. When you reach a room with Security Two text on the wall and three green pillars, you should follow the stairs and keep going through to the back without passing through the door. Once you bypass the door, you can find Spectra Door Six.

How To Beat Spectra Door Six

In Spectra Door Six, you can use any attack; however, you can't move. In this challenge, it is important to monitor the enemy's movements. Use your parry constantly to avoid getting hit and dealing extra damage to enemies.

You will be rewarded with a Life Gauge Piece after completing this challenge.

You can use your Magnet Grab to travel between enemies.

Spectra Door Seven

Spectra Door Seven is located on Track Eight: A History Lesson chapter. In this chapter, you mainly make your way through the sewer. When you reach this exact location where you can break the wall with Macaron you should turn back and follow the pipes before entering the door.

How To Beat Spectra Door Seven

You need to defeat all enemies without getting hit in this challenge. In Spectra Door Seven, parry plays a big role. You need to watch your enemies and parry attack them continuously. In the first round, make sure you get rid of the Bike enemy that provides a shield barrier for other enemies.

With the Macaron's Jam Combo, you can break the shields of armored enemies in one go.

Spectra Door Eight

The last Spectra Door is Eight, and this door is located on Track Ten: A Masterplan. After you defeat the green mech reptile that can turn itself into a ball, you will reach Kale's giant statue.

Spectra Door Eight can be located right after you spot Kale's statue. After you see the statue you should turn right. You will see collectible Gears and can follow them until you find the Spectra Door Eight.

How To Beat Spectra Door Eight

To beat Spectra Door Eight, you need to kill two tough enemies one by one as soon as possible. The best tip for killing these enemies fast is to use circuits that charge your reverb faster.

By spamming special attacks, you deal more damage to the enemy, and in this way, you can skip to the skill check part more easily.

You will get one extra Broken Armstong Circuit after completing this challenge.

What's Next After Beating All Spectra Doors?

After you beat all eight Spectra Doors in Hi-Fi Rush, you will gain access to Spectra Hub Room. In this hub, you will find an additional eight challenges, making 16 challenges in total.

When you complete all 16 Spectra Doors, you should head to the last door in the hub to unlock the secret ending. Also, you will find six more collectible Vandelay Vlogs in Spectra Hub Room.

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