Hidden Gems On The Wii We Want A Remaster Of

In the past decade, things have changed drastically for major releases. Remasters and remakes are right up there at the forefront with new Triple-A titles as content to get players excited. As much as classics and fan-favorites from the likes of Zelda, Mario, and the other usual suspects are deserving of getting revamped, there are plenty of titles that have gone amiss which would be great to see receive the remaster treatment.

What with remasters often expanding on their source material and delivering exclusive additional content, plenty of neglected titles spring to mind that could be presented to a new generation of gamers. Here are our favorites from the Nintendo Wii.

10 Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure

Just a glance at a few screenshots of this game should justify why a remaster of Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure is sought after. Zack and Wiki’s debut and only videogame appearance is a lovable point-and-click puzzler set across a variety of dynamic and vivid stages.

The tale of this young pirate and his accompanying hovering monkey was overly wholesome, whilst some puzzles in the game were also surprisingly challenging. Its unique characters, levels, and range of motion controls would make a welcome appearance on next-gen consoles.

9 Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

Sin and Punishment was a short-lived series that could be adored by a new generation of fans. A gruelingly chaotic run-and-gunner, Star Successor pitted players against all sorts of nightmarish foes at a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it pace.

It’s an experience that utilizes every pixel of the screen at any given time, which, paired with its thumping, retro, techno soundtrack often becomes an overwhelming yet addictive sensory overload. Ludicrous combo’s and bullet storms taking place in a steampunk utopia would undoubtedly go down a treat on consoles with next-gen capabilities.

8 Mad World

If ever Nintendo decides that they need to go in the complete opposite direction from the Mushroom Kingdom, Varrigan City is a fitting option. This chainsaw-toting, hack ‘n’ slash beat ‘em up was a gorgeously designed comic adventure, with a killer soundtrack to fuel the numerous rampages.

The game was renowned for its distinct color scheme of being entirely black and white and, of course, red when you come onto the scene with your chainsaws akimbo. This blend of neo-noir, comic-book, and hyperviolence makes it tick all the boxes of something the Switch needs remastered.

7 Wario Land: Shake It!

While we’re still waiting for Nintendo to finally acknowledge Waluigi as a character worthy of his own game, why not revisit one of his accomplice's lesser-known outings? Shake It! saw Wario take center stage on his mission to obtain infinite amounts of cash.

This side-scroller was familiar territory for Mario fans, seeing players venture across various worlds, platforming, and stomping on bad guys, but there’s no princess to be rescued here, only Wario’s addiction to financial gain. Light-hearted fun and plenty of remote-shaking made Shake It! an equally accessible and addictive adventure that would be a fantastic choice to reappear on the Switch.

6 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Whilst we continue to forever mourn the cancellation of P.T. it’s safe to say that any Silent Hill remasters would be welcomed with open arms. One of the lesser-known entries in the series came in the form of Shattered Memories, and whilst less-renowned, it was certainly loyal to the rest of the psychologically-terrifying series.

Multiple endings and numerous gameplay developments are shaped around the answers that you provide to your therapist, with these personality-inquiring sessions taking place around the player's exploration of Silent Hill. This understated, flashlight-wielding mystery horror is worthy of the remaster treatment.

5 Little King’s Story

Upon release in 2009, Little King’s Story quickly became quintessentially Nintendo. Featuring inventive and detailed boss battles, an adorable array of characters, and a color palette and art style as evocative as Pikmin and Mario combined, this gem, unfortunately, lived a short life as a standalone game.

The adventure game saw players control a young king called Corobo. In real-time, Corobo could influence the people of his town to better their small village, evolving it into a thriving kingdom. Its vast critical acclaim makes it all the more unusual that this highly entertaining, high potential series had only one outing. A remaster on the Switch would not go amiss.

4 The House of the Dead: Overkill

Though a remaster of the original House of the Dead is expected later in 2022, the original Wii outing Overkill could also do with some retrospective love.

The on-rails shooter was a blast, blending creative boss battles with the iconic bravado of the zombie-slaying arcade originals. The B-movie, grindhouse, and exploitation horror components formed to make a singular experience that was as much fun as it was gory, which was extremely. What with the ever-increasing popularity of camp horror, there’s no better time than now to reprise this hidden gem.

3 Endless Ocean

Since the 2007 release of Endless Ocean, countless meditative and non-narrative-based games have been released and deemed as major hits. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Endless Ocean helped develop this trend, as players enjoyed exploring its zero-threat virtual waters, encountering wildlife, and logging newly discovered data.

The camp storyline and cheesy vocal performances would make Endless Ocean a fitting nostalgia-filled rerelease, especially if it tied in elements of its sequel, Blue World. It’s one of the ultimate non-games that you can get lost in for hours, and the capabilities of new-gen consoles would undoubtedly enhance this experience.

2 Ju-On: The Grudge

Much like the film series, Ju-On received diverse reviews. Some players weren’t so keen on the ghost train, on-rails style of the horror adaptation, whilst others took to the unique movement system and found it all the more enticing.

The game was loyal to the original film, rewarding players with creepy locations and character encounters with Toshio and Kayako, enhanced by a special Slender-like system, providing jumpscares depending on how long players spent hanging around in particular locations. What with franchises like Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Friday the 13th gaining popularity, a revisit to this hidden jump-fest would be more than welcome.

1 Ivy the Kiwi?

Another entry that received mixed reviews, Ivy the Kiwi? is like other strategy-based games, such as Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy and Lemmings. Though nowhere near as infuriating as the former, Ivy the Kiwi? saw players guide the misguided, creating bridges and slingshots to alter the direction of the ever-moving chick.

Its tactile, hand-drawn style of adorable characters, locations, and levels were reminiscent of the most addictive mobile games, and much like those games, Ivy the Kiwi? was just as moreish. A remaster and expansion would be an ideal addition to the playful catalog of addictive arcade games on the Switch.

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