Hideo Kojima Says His Unannounced Project Is "Unusual"

In a recent interview, Hideo Kojima said that his upcoming unannounced game was "unusual." Now, normally when a developer says something like this, we'd ignore it, but considering the last Kojima Productions game had magic babies and invisible umbilical cord monsters and weird black rain that ages you super quick, when he says something is unusual you know he's not exaggerating.

Speaking to IGN, Kojima said, "In addition to DS2 [Death Stranding 2], we're making one other unusual title." The main theory is this is Overdose, a strange game wwe've not heard much official news of but have seen a some leaked footage and images from.

From what we know, Overdose is a horror game starring Margaret Qualley, Mama from Death Stranding. The leaked footage we saw showed her character running into supernatural enemies with red symbols flashing up on screen. She then runs away from something chasing her and the camera zooms to her face as a game over screen appears.

That certainly sounds like Kojima's unusual brand of unusual, and who knows how much weirder the game gets? The advertising campaign (probably for Overdose) has been typically cryptic, with posters asking who, where, how, and now why?

Kojima is able to make these weird games because he doesn't have shareholders to answer to. "Kojima Production isn't publicly traded, so I don't have some goal of steadily growing the company. I just want to leave behind good work, and that's the stance I'm taking while making games, while also considering making other kinds of visual projects. We're going to maintain the stance of making our own IP and not working on IP licensed from others."

Kojima Productions can keep making weird stuff for as long as it wants and is able. With Kojima himself at the helm, that'll likely be a good long while yet.

In other news, Kojima hasn't decided yet if Sam from the original Death Stranding will be in the movie version or not. It was confirmed last week, but all we know is Kojima doesn't want to make it like other game adaptions.

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