Hokko Life: Guide To Farming

Hokko Life has now been officially released, fresh out of early access. The small team of Wonderscope has worked closely with the suggestions and feedback from fans within the Discord server for Hokko Life and via other discussion platforms, like Steam forums to make the game the best that it can be. Farming is now a core mechanic in the game, but it must be unlocked first.

Unlocking the farm will allow you to explore new areas, NPCs, and items. This guide will detail how to start farming and selling fruits and vegetables. If you thought you were done with Hokko Life for the time being, think again.

Updated on September 29, 2022 by Sharnelle Earle: If you're making a peaceful life simulation, you have to add farming. It's just the unspoken rule. If you're someone who likes laid-back, relaxing life sims, chances are that you enjoy farming games as well. Wonderscope developers made the right choice by adding farming to Hokko Life. What was once a big early access update is now a core element of gameplay. Now that the game is out of early access, we have tweaked this guide to better serve players and better reflect the content within the game.

Recruit Aubrey The Deer

  1. Complete milestones
  2. Find Aubrey at Oma's Inn

There is a new villager. This buddy is sort of like Rosa or Moss. You recruit them to look after the farm with you, and they help you learn the basics of farming. You must find and initiate Aubrey the deer villager before you can unlock the new farm location.

To recruit and find new characters, you must visit the Inn every evening and night. New villagers and shop owners will show up here at these times, and all you have to do is talk to them. Villagers won't move in until you've built a house and selected them to live in it. Shop owners, and people like Aubrey, will move in within a week or the following day after speaking to them and do not need a house.

Aubrey will not spawn at the Inn until these specific milestones are met:

  • Plant 15 trees
  • Plant 10 flowers
  • 10 days have passed
  • Rosa's store unlocked
  • Fishing unlocked
  • Decorate the village

With the farm unlocked, there will be some tutorial fetch quests that Aubrey will give you around the farm. Once these quests are completed, you will have access to her storefront, where you'll be able to buy seeds to start growing your farm.

Once you've spoken to Aubrey at the Inn, the blocked-off location up the mountain will be unlocked the next day, and they will be there.

Visit The Farm

  1. Wait a day
  2. Build stairs to the second level of the meadow
  3. Clean up farm

Things start to feel small in Hokko Life once you unlock the forest and the mines. You have the meadow, where you place everyone's houses, the forest for more wood, and the mines for more rocks. These are grindy areas that you use to acquire more materials. This extra location is for a new and relaxing hobby and a nice change of pace.

You must first craft stairs to get up to the second level of the grassy in the meadows if you haven't already. Placing stairs will be prompted as a quest during the tutorial.

From there, there will be a trail at the back leading off-screen. By going up the mountain the same way you go to get to the mines or the forest, you'll find a new area blocked off to your left. This area holds an abandoned farm just ripe for the taking.

If you have spoken to and successfully recruited Aubrey, this path will no longer be blocked off. You must wait one day prior to speaking to Aubrey. The farm will allow you to plow land and plant crops, which you then harvest. The location also has fresh logs, rocks, and weeds for you to clean up and get extra materials from.

There is a back portion of the farm that is blocked off. You can actually unlock this area, therefore expanding your farm, by reaching the Mayor Merits milestone of harvesting 120 crops.

Plant Fruits And Vegetables

  1. Complete farming basics
  2. Buy seeds
  3. Farm!

Once Aubrey and the farm are unlocked, visit and talk to Aubrey at the farm. You will receive a hoe and watering can recipe at Sally's workshop. You will need to purchase the blueprint for these and then collect the necessary materials to craft them to be able to start farming.

Speak to Aubrey after you have your farming tools, and she will give you some free seeds to start with. You will have access to her store now, where you can purchase seeds for vegetables, fruit trees, and farm decor like hay bails.

You can shake fruit trees, and they will drop fruits such as apples and pears. Fruit can be sold for some money or, better yet, used in furniture designs once you purchase the fruit pieces recipe sheet from Sally.

Eventually, you will be able to unlock things such as sprinklers or upgraded watering cans and hoes. These, once again, can only be done by progressing with Mayor Merits.

All you have to do to earn specific Mayor Merits milestones is to complete simple tasks that you do every day without thinking. If you want an upgraded pickaxe, for example, you'll want to do a lot of mining. For every large amount of crops harvested or used in cooking, you will receive a milestone in your Mayor Merits.

Each fruit and vegetable is based on a season. You cannot plant or maintain fruit or crops that are not within their season.

Best Crops To Sell

Though maintaining a farm is relaxing and decorating your farm is fun, you'll want to make some money off your hard work. Luckily, you can sell certain fruits and vegetables for a good amount if you're looking to save up for a house expansion at Rosa's.

Vegetable crops can be harvested at different levels of quality. The higher the quality of the crop, the more it will sell for.

Below are the base selling prices, which can grow if you harvest greater quality vegetables.

Best Fruit TreesWorth
Cherry12 Gold
Peach12 Gold
Best CropsWorth
Kale 37 Gold
Beetroot 34 Gold
Grapes 34 Gold
Chard 34 Gold
Corn 34 Gold
Onions 34 Gold
Aubergine 46 Gold
Broccoli 46 Gold
Brussel Sprouts 46 Gold
Chili Peppers 46 Gold
Blueberries 55 Gold
Pineapple 66 Gold
Pumpkin 66 Gold
Watermelon 66 Gold

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