Hood: Outlaws And Legends Reveals Win Rates For Each Outlaw

Focus Home Interactive has announced the win rates for each character in Hood: Outlaws and Legends.

Via a blog post, it was revealed that John had the highest win rates since launch with 53.93%, followed by Tooke at 52.80%. Marianne comes in third with 49.39%, and our fearless leader, Robin, comes in last with 48.05%. These numbers aren’t all that divisive, with only 5% separating John and Robin. It’s also been just over a week since launch, so the win rate is bound to change over time and with future updates.

The PvPvE game launched a little over a week ago and the reception was average at best. One of the major issues with the structure of the game was the blurred line between combat and stealth sequences. Hood doesn’t seem to be sure whether it wants to be a stealth game or an all-out combat game.

Another issue that many players have been facing since launch was the long waiting times in the lobby. However, it seems that Sumo Digital has figured out what the issue was and will put out a fix real soon.

The blog post also noted that players have been using a good mix of ranged and melee based Outlaws. Very few teams have gone with a fully ranged or fully melee team, “with just a 4% total occurrence.” The blog mentions that there will be a developer update scheduled for some time next week, which will go deeper into some of the things it mentioned, as well as additional stats. We’ll also get information on the upcoming free map and new Outlaw.

In our review for Hood: Outlaws and Legends we said, “The idea of trying to execute a medieval GTA-style heist while fending off other players is so good that I want it to work. This is just missing some kind of secret ingredient to make everything come together. Maybe after some time and the addition of DLC, this could be a worthwhile game to play with friends. Hopefully, that happens sooner rather than later, as right now Hood: Outlaws and Legends feels more like a missed opportunity than a bullseye.”

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