Horizon Forbidden West Adds NG+

If you want an excuse to dip your toes back into Horizon Forbidden West, Guerilla Games has you covered with its newest update that adds a NG+ mode, letting you retake your adventure with all your gear and experience.

The June 2 update also implemented a transmog system, new weapons, the Ultra Hard difficulty, and more trophies to go with all the new content. Now you can push yourself to new levels with a harder fight, only made more difficult by NG+.

You can select the new Ultra Hard difficulty when starting your NG+ playthrough, but if you're not happy with your build, you don't have to start over entirely. There's a new reset skills functionality in the menu, so you can dive into NG+ the way you want. And if you opt to play NG+, you can unlock brand-new weapons, dyes, and face paints, as well as the aforementioned trophies.

As for the usual update bug fixes, a few main quests have been sorted. The Sea of Sands has fixed the progression-breaking valve, The Broken Sky no longer gets stuck if you skip the cinematic too fast, and The Dying Lands bug where the quest stops progressing after you beat Grimhorn has been fixed. Then there's the side quest Breaking Even which has fixed the bug where the beams don't appear.

Finally, Guerilla Games has fixed fast-travelling, campfire, objective, and timer bugs across the board, while also adding World Datapoint 63 "somewhere near the Widemaw site on the Isle of Spires". And for photographers, you can finally use film grain in the photo mode to give your screenshots a more cinematic feel.

If you're hankering for more Horizon outside Forbidden West though, there's also the new trailer for Call of the Mountain, a VR experience designed for the new PSVR2, as well as the upcoming TV show.

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