Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Footage Revealed During State Of Play

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay footage was finally revealed during today’s State of Play broadcast, giving us a closer look at its gorgeous new world. The event only ran for about twenty minutes, although the majority of that time was dedicated exclusively to new gameplay.

Today is an action-packed day for announcements – with both Sonic and Dying Light 2 also holding press conferences – but Sony’s Horizon Forbidden West gameplay reveal is arguably the most exciting. First announced last summer, the game has been relatively quiet up until this latest announcement.

You can check out the new gameplay footage below:

After the gameplay reveal we got a closer look at combat, including adhesive grenades that slow down enemies, a launcher that fires explosive spikes, and the ability to pick up weapons shot off of machines. The variety of weapons on display was staggering, and it sounds as if we’ve only scratched the surface of what will be available in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West is expected to launch on PS5 later this year. With Sony skipping E3 2021, this might be the most we see of the game prior to its release. Of course, Sony loves to hold its own conferences, so don’t be surprised if the game makes a few more surprise appearances before finally arriving on store shelves.

Until then, players on both PS4 and PC can return to the world of Horizon Zero Dawn – which recently jumped back up the charts on Steam. If you haven’t yet played the original, now is the time to do so, as Horizon Forbidden West looks to pick up where the previous story left off.

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