Horizon Forbidden West Has One Ending With "Some Nuances"

Guerrilla has officially confirmed that the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West will offer a single ending, just like its predecessor.

Despite having some RPG elements and several skill trees for Aloy, Forbidden West doesn't aim to be an expansive RPG and is much more focused on open-world adventure. However, given that the sequel focuses more on its supporting cast of characters, including several beloved ones from the original like Erend, it looks like some of your choices might affect their fates.

Narrative director Benjamin McCaw commented on the game's ending during a recent interview with Everyeye. He confirmed the players shouldn't expect multiple endings from the title. "Let's be clear: Forbidden West will have a single ending, very strong and impactful, but some nuances may change depending on the characters you have given space and attention to," McCaw said. "In addition, on a couple of occasions, there will be very strong moral choices, which will have extremely powerful consequences."

It's not entirely clear how Forbidden West will allow for "extremely powerful consequences" without affecting the game's ending, but it seems that the player will have some control over how the story progresses. McCaw also emphasized that the studio "wanted to make the missions more meaningful, the optional adventures more intense, the relationship with the secondary characters deeper" in Forbidden West. Despite the greater importance of the supporting cast, he confirmed it won't be possible for you to choose who will accompany you on certain missions.

From what McCaw revealed, it's safe to assume that we can probably expect some kind of classic montage clip at the game's ending, revealing what happened to characters Aloy met along the way. Many well-known RPGs follow a similar strucutre, which allows fans to dive deeper into the fates of the characters they've encountered along the way.

A single canon ending also makes things easier for the creators to continue the narrative in the potential follow-up. As of now, the team at Guerrilla hasn't revealed whether Forbidden West will finish Aloy's story altogether, although it seems unlikely it will.

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