Horizon Forbidden West Will Take "Several Hundred Hours" To 100 Percent

According to Horizon Forbidden West's game director, getting 100 percent completion will take "several hundred hours".

Director Mathijs de Jonge says Forbidden West is around the length of Zero Dawn which takes 60 hours to 100 percent on average. But he added that completionists aiming for 100 percent will find that it takes a little longer, although the specifics aren't nailed down just yet. Including NG+, several hundred hours would certainly make sense.

This news comes hot off the debate over Dying Light 2 which recently announced that it would take 500 hours to beat. Developer Techland quickly jumped to explain that the time was for completionists and that you could wrap up the story in around 20 hours. Nonetheless, it sparked a conversation about games being overstuffed and too long, something that has once again bubbled to the surface with Forbidden West's runtime.

The response to the news hasn't been positive. Overwhelmingly, people are stressing that hundreds of hours is simply too much, with one person joking that they will be playing nothing but Dying Light 2 and Horizon Forbidden West for the next three years. Maybe that isn't so far-fetched – games are becoming bigger investments, after all.

Forbidden West isn't far off, launching on February 18, 2022, so it won't be long before we find out the specific time it'll take to 100 percent this Goliath of an open-world game. Dying Light 2, meanwhile, launches on February 4, so that's two big-time sinks within two weeks of each other. Good luck to those of you who get both.

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