How To Defeat Ixillis In Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From The Ashes is an interesting game. On one hand, it’s a Dark Souls-like with guns, but on the other, it’s an entirely unique multiverse apocalypse story about “Dreamers”, Dragons, and a species of evil trees called the “Root”.

Yes, Remnant, made by Gunfire Game’s bit “out there” conceptually, and the World Boss Ixillis is concrete proof, since it’s a giant moth that protects the swamp world from trees. That said, this is actually one of the more interesting and difficult bosses in the game, which is something the devs are very passionate about, so let’s go through all of its mechanics piece-by-piece and figure out the best way to beat it.

What Is Ixillis? Can It Be Skipped?

So, what exactly is Ixillis in terms of Remnant’s Story? Frankly, Ixillis doesn’t get as much lore as most of the other bosses. In Remnant, each “Realm” has a “Guardian” that protects said Realm from outside forces. If the Guardian is there, the Root can’t come in. Ixillis XV & Ixillis XVI are the Guardians for the Corsus Realm, a Realm that got expanded upon greatly in the Swamps of Corsus DLC.

But, as important as Ixillis seems, they can be skipped entirely! To do this, players simply just have to kill the Undying King, get his Labyrinth Key, and go use it to get to Yaesha.

What Are The Different Items Obtained From This Boss?

Like most of the World Bosses in Remnant, the Ixillis(es?) have two different drops. One of them, the Hivestone, drops no matter what. While the other, the Guardian Tentacle, only drops if the player kills both Ixillis XV & XVI in rapid succession. Here’s what each of them turns into:

  • The Hivestone: Turns into the Hive Cannon, a pistol with the “Hive Shot” Weapon Mod that easily Corrodes & damages enemies it lands near.
  • A Guardian Tentacle: Becomes the Guardian Axe, a handaxe that generates twice the amount of Mod Power on successful hits.

What Are Its Moves?

This is actually one of the rare boss battles in Remnant that doesn’t rely on random mobs spawning in at some point, but to make up for that the players have to fight two bosses at once.

Honestly, at first, this boss seems very overwhelming. But, once players get a bit of muscle memory for all the moves, it becomes a lot more bearable to juggle the two of them.

Phase 1: One-On-One With A Gigantic Moth

Phase 1 is short & simple, this is meant to be the intro phase where players get a feel for Ixillis’ moves and timing, because, as soon as they knock out 1/4th of its health, Phase 2 starts.

Corrosive Bombs

These Corrosive Bombs are what Ixillis uses the most, a simple charge & lob, but they’re also the easiest to dodge. Players just have to roll once it’s tossed or keep sprinting until it has landed.

Spectral Orbs

These ghastly orbs are what end up distracting players the most, causing them to take a slash to the face. But, they’re really not that bad! There are a couple of methods for getting rid of these things, players can:

  • Wait until they float closer before taking them all in a line
  • Pick away at them right as they spawn then go back to shooting Ixillis
  • Or use certain Weapon Mods to avoid them entirely.

The Horizontal & Vertical Slashes

There are two primarily “slashes” Ixillis can perform that have obvious tells. If Ixillis holds the staff above its head, it’s vertical, if they hold it to the right or left, it’s horizontal, simple as that. Players can outrun the vertical & dodge into the horizontal, but it’s really just about getting used to the timing. These moves come out fast though, so be ready to dodge a bit sooner than expected.

Phase 2: Twice The Moths, Double The Trouble

Once players deplete one of Ixillis XV’s four health chunks, they’re in for a surprise. Ixillis XVI will spawn from the cocoon on the other side of the bridge, and this is where things actually get difficult, as players are meant to keep an eye on both gigantic moths at once. Here are the mechanics of this second phase:

Ixillis XV Will Stick To Its Standard Moveset

When this duo starts attacking together, be aware that Ixillis XV will keep using the same list of moves as in Phase 1, but Ixillis XVI will start blasting with Beams of Light. So, no need to worry about multiple slashes at the same time or anything.

Ixillis XVI Blasts Parts Of The Bridge One-By-One With Lasers

Ixillis XVI usually starts at the far side of the bridge, blasts the Beam of Light across, moves about 10-15 feet closer to the player, blasts again, & continues this until they reach the other side.

Because this move is always cast in sections rather than at the player’s current position, it’s predictable. Simply fight Ixillis XV on the entrance side of the bridge until XVI almost reaches the player, then run right past it before the final beam is cast.

The Banshee Scream

This is the part of the fight players usually wipe on (especially on their first couple of tries). Basically, after taking a certain amount of damage, both Ixillis’ start charging up this scream of theirs.

But, this sequence is much simpler than it first appears, since it boils down to a DPS race to knock both Ixillis’ out of their charging animation. If one Ixillis lets out the scream, players with lower amounts of Vigor will die, but most tend to live through it. However, if both manage to let it out, most, if not all players will end up going down. The best advice people have discovered for this phase is:

  • Make sure to have a full clip right before this phase starts.
  • Save Weapon Mods for this if possible.
  • In multiplayer, don’t split focus, pop one Ixillis then move on to the other.
  • Aim for its weak spot, it’s head.

Phase 3: Back Down To One, This Time With More Fun

Now, if players are going for the Guardian Tentacle, they should never reach this phase, because once the surviving Ixillis finishes its enraging animation, they’ve taken too long & should restart the fight.

But, for those going for the Hivestone or those not worried about Alternate Rewards, this is the final phase of the fight.

The Remaining Guardian Will Become “Enraged”

Once either Ixillis XV or XVI is killed, the surviving one will go into a “rage” state. There are two primary differences in this phase:

  • One: Ixillis’ animations will come out quicker
  • Two: Ixillis will start using the Beam of Light sprinkled throughout its normal attacks

The advice for this phase is the same as the advice for phase 1 except for one thing, always be ready to dodge out of the way as soon as Ixillis starts to generate any amount of light. The Beam of Light can push players right off the bridge quite easily, and that’s a very aggravating way to die.

How To Get The Alternate Kill

So, how do players go about killing both Ixillis’ in rapid succession? It’s already hard enough to micromanage fighting two bosses at once, how are players supposed to line up both Ixillis’ health bars closely enough in the heat of the moment? Well, here are a few tips:

  • Get rid of 90% of Ixillis XV’s first health chunk, then turn around and shoot open the cocoon XVI comes from. Doing this will cause XVI to spawn with 3/4’s health!
  • One Ixillis tends to back off after a failed or partially successful Banshee Scream, use this time to get the remaining moth’s health incredibly low.
  • Bring Ammo Boxes as the fight goes on for a while.
  • Save Weapon Mods for the final push of damage.
  • Unleash Burst damage during specific animations, such as when they summon the Spectral Orbs or start charging a Banshee Scream.

Weapons, Trinkets & Mods That Will Prove Useful

Now that this has covered all of Ixillis XV & XVI’s moves, what items can really make this fight easier? Well, for Weapon Mods, here are a few suggestions:

  • Veil of the Black Tear: Blocks both the Spectral Orbs and the Corrosive Bombs, so this is a huge help, worth rerolling Rhom in Adventure Mode until Shade & Shatter show up.
  • Rattle Weed: A deceptively amazing weapon mod. This weed actually pulls in the Spectral Orbs, letting players focus entirely on damage during this phase.
  • Elemental Damage Mods: Weapon Mods such as Hot Shot, Radioactive Volley, Breath Of The Desert, & Skewer are incredibly helpful for passively bringing down their health bars.
  • Rift Walker: Lets players avoid Banshee Scream & Beam of Light if they time it right.
  • Iron Sentinel & Beckon: Summon Mods are very helpful for damaging Ixillis while the player focuses on Evasion. But, since the enemies fly, Seed Caller & Very Good Boy are essentially useless here.

And that’s just a few of the many Weapon Mods that should help players conquer this fight much more easily.

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