How To Revive In Dark And Darker

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In Dark And Darker, it is possible to revive your teammates, unlike in other extraction games of the same type. It's just a little bit complicated.

This guide covers how to revive your teammates at an Altar Of Sacrifice, how to obtain their Soul Heart (required to revive your teammates), and how to revive players while using the Cleric class.

How To Revive Teammates In Dark And Darker

In Dark And Darker, you can create a party of up to three players. When a player dies, they can be revived. Here's the simple process.

  • Obtain the player's Soul Heart
  • Take the Soul Heart to an Altar of Sacrifice
  • Pay for the revive with some of your own HP
  • The revived player returns to the dungeon

Maps in Dark And Darker are currently not procedurally-generated, which means the Altars always spawn in the same place. Over multiple runs, you will start to remember where they are for future revives.

How To Get The Soul Heart

To revive your teammate, you need to pick up their Soul Heart.

  • Remove your teammates' chest armor
  • Loot their body
  • Pick up the Soul Heart and keep it in your inventory

You can't pick up the Soul Heart unless you remove their chest armor.

How To Revive A Player As The Cleric

The Cleric acts the games' main support class. This also means that you can revive players with the tier eight, eight-cost Resurrection spell.

  • Resurrection
    • Resurrection will revive an ally from death, but the Soul Heart must be present on their body/in the body's inventory.

    You can resurrect your ally at any time, including inside the ring. It's a very powerful spell, but you have to remember the Knowledge cost is high. You may not be able to take the other spells you want as a base level Cleric, rather you'll have to wait until you have better Knowledge gear.

    If you want to know more about how the spell system works in Dark And Darker, check out our guide. If you want to find out more about the Cleric, check out our complete Cleric guide.

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