Huge Green Man Gaming Sale Discounts Tons Of PC VR Games

A massive Sh*t Just Got Real sale went live on Green Man Gaming with tons of PC VR game discounts including The Walking Dead, Superhot, LA Noire, and more.

Note: They can and will run out of keys and not every deal lasts as long as others. For example, as of the time of this writing at 12PM PT, the deal for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners only has six hours remaining and Star Trek: Bridge Crew is currently out of stock despite being on sale, but may become available again eventually.

You can find every game in the sale here or the ‘Top Picks’ from Green Man Gaming here. In total there are 63 games discounted including some deep price cuts as low as over 80% off. When you buy a game on Green Man Gaming it’s not a shady key reselling site, it’s just a storefront for Steam keys provided to GMG. It works like the Humble Store. After buying a game on GMG, you get a Steam key and access the game just like you had bought it on Steam directly.

Here are some recommended picks based on the sale price relative to the game’s value, in my opinion:


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (-40%, $24)
Store Link | Our Review


Borderlands 2 VR (-66%, $17)
Store Link | Our Review


A Fisherman’s Tale (-40%, $9)
Store Link | Our Review


Zero Caliber (-46%, $13)
Store Link | Our Coverage


LA Noire: The VR Case Files (-58%, $13)
Store Link | Our Review


Superhot VR (-52%, $12)
Store Link | Our Review


The Survios Collection (-82%, $28)
Raw Data, Sprint Vector, Electronauts, CREED, Battlewake
Store Link | Reviews Linked Above

Do you plan on picking anything up in this big PC VR sale? Let us know if so down in the comments below!

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