Immortals Fenyx Rising A New God DLC: Guide to Obtaining All Relics in Aphrodite’s Vaults

Immortals Fenyx Rising’s DLC A New God ups the ante and challenges players with more difficult vaults and new challenges as they face additional puzzle mechanics and have to master new Godly Power upgrades. Each of the four gods that were saved in the main game will challenge players to six different vaults each, and hidden in each vault is an optional chest that holds a relic.

Players will need to collect all 24 relics in the game in order to unlock the secret vault, which is part of Hermes’s “It belongs in a Museum… er… Pantheon!” side quest. Just below we’ve got a guide about where to find every relic in Aphrodite’s vaults and how to solve the puzzles in order to get them. Not all of the vaults are immediately accessible, but Aphrodite will unlock more as you progress.

Trial of Love’s Initiation — Poppy of Hypnos

This vault is fairly straightforward, you won’t see the golden beam straight away that indicates where the chest is located, but eventually, as you work your way through the level you will notice it. When you come to the checkpoint shown above that prompts Aphrodite to talk about choosing an item to be associated with, you’ve found your optional chest. Directly facing the chest is another platform you can jump on, to then travel to a new area in order to find a bow and arrow challenge. Completing this challenge will unlock the gates to the optional chest.

The trick to this challenge is to use Apollo’s Arrow immediately after pulling the lever and then speed it up to pass through the targets before the columns block the way. Afterward, return to the chest to grab the Poppy of Hypnos relic and then continue on through the level.

If you’re struggling to achieve this because the columns are in the way, you can “cheat” by using more than one attempt to ignite an arrow, maneuver around the obstacles, and hit light the targets. You need to light all targets and the brazier before the lever resets, but the targets all stay alight until the lever resets, so you can use multiple arrows in quick succession and this will still count.

Aphrodite’s Trial of Combat —Protean Water

You will need the Colossal Strength upgrade for Herakles’s Strength that is given by Hephaistos in order to access this trial. After which, you can move the large metal block in front of the gates towards the live electric node just north of the block. Once the block is electrified, sprint back to the gates while carrying the block in order to charge all nodes outside the gates and open them.

This is a super easy vault as it consists of two arena areas and a few small electricity puzzles. However, the puzzle to get the optional chest might be a little more tricky for you depending on your aim and speed. There is a section where you use a jump vent and reach a new checkpoint where the optional chest lies to the right, whereas the vault continues to the left.

Fly over to the right and you’ll be on a platform with a new jumping vent and a lever. What you need to do is position yourself close to the jump vent, but close enough to the lever to activate it. Activate the lever and use Apollo’s Arrow to hit the three targets shown above. Speed up the arrows to quicken the pace. As soon as you’ve hit that last target, step backward and activate the jump vent that will fling you right into the now-open chest area.

You have to do this all very quickly as when the lever resets, the targets reset, and the gates to the chest close once more. So you need to hit all targets and physically get in with the chest before the lever resets. Grab your Protean Water relic and then head back towards the checkpoint to continue the vault.

Aphrodite’s Trial of Mystery — Demeter’s Sheaf of Grain

This vault is pretty straightforward as the puzzles just require you to perfectly time when to shoot balls through various portals. The optional chest is easy enough to get as well. You will come to a puzzle where the optional chest is in a building to the left of you. Once you have completed the puzzle, look to the right (directly opposite the building holding the optional chest) and destroy the wooden blocks, as shown below. Head into that area to pull the lever you will find there.

You only have the time in which the lever is active to fly over and grab the chest, as the gates will automatically close when the lever resets. Grab your Demeter’s Sheaf of Grain relic and then finish the vault. Ignore the “second chest” listed for this vault, as it is a Godly Power upgrade reward that you receive from Aphrodite once you have left.

 Trial of the Heart’s Initiation — Hades’s Bident

You will need to use the Wind Gust upgrade for the Ares’s Wrath Godly Power given by Ares in order to reach the area in the Olympos where this trial is. Using a charged Ares’s Wrath attack on the fan will cause it to move, enabling you to make it across to the next platform. Then you need to use the Immortal Field Breaker upgrade for the Athena’s Dash Godly Power that is given by Athena in order to access the building that the trial is in.

The beam of light indicating the optional chest location can be seen from the beginning of the vault, but for now, just continue through the various puzzles until you get to the propeller shown below. The propeller opens the gates in front of you in order to continue the level. However, to get the optional chest, you want to use the gust of wind you summon when using the charged Ares’s Wrath on the propeller to fly up to the right of it, and then fly towards the platform with the tree on.

Continue jumping to the following platforms with trees until you reach a platform with a new propeller, as shown below. You want to use your charged Ares’s Wrath to power the propeller, which will open the gates to the optional chest. Then you need to fly over and use your Immortal Field Breaker Athena’s Dash to enter the building housing the chest.

Grab your Hades’s Bident relic from the chest, then Athena’s Dash your way back out and either choose to fly back the way you came or alternatively, you can drop off the side to respawn back to the original propeller in order to continue the level.

Trial of Beauty’s Initiation — Twin Torches of Hekate

As with the previous trial, you will need to use the Wind Gust upgrade for the Ares’s Wrath Godly Power given by Ares in order to reach the area in the Olympos where this trial is. You then need to use the Phosphor’s Swap upgrade given by Aphrodite earlier in order to enter the area with the trial. Stand on the button to open the gates, then summon a clone and throw it through the open gates. Swap places with the clone and you’ll be inside with the entrance to the trial.

The pillar of light indicating the location of the optional chest is not immediately visible, but don’t worry, just head to the end of the trial and do not open the final chest just yet. Instead, head over to the right of the final area, as shown below, and fly towards the first platform you can reach, where you will find a button. Leave a clone on this button.

Then you need to fly to the top of the next platform with the golden barriers, on top of which is a lightweight button, as shown below. Stand on top of here, then use Phosphor’s Swap, to change places with your clone so that both the lightweight button and the button you are stood on are now active. This will open two gates on either side of the platform in front of you.

You need to use Apollo’s Arrow to travel through the platform in front of you, lighting the arrow with one of the braziers inside, then travel out the other side and turn around so you can hit the poisonous purple bulb on the next platform over, as shown above.

Once the poisonous plant is destroyed, the gates to the optional chest will be open and you can simply fly from one platform to the other in order to reach it and claim your Twin Torches of Hekate relic. If you’re having trouble reaching the platforms, use a charged Ares’s Wrath attack to create a pillar of wind to help lift you up. After claiming your loot, you just need to fly back to the end of the level and claim the final chest in order to exit the vault.

Aphrodite’s Trial of Blessing — Hera’s Peacock Feather

This is Aphrodite’s final trial, but fortunately, the optional chest isn’t that hard to get. After you use the first jump vent, you will be able to see the beam of light for the chest to the right of where you are. Head over to the button in this area and leave a Phosphor’s Clone next to it, before going over and destroying the boxes shown in the image below, behind which is a portal.

You then want to stand at the bottom of the slope, and swap places with your clone, as shown below. So now you are stood next to the button, and your clone is at the base of the slope. Hit the button to summon a ball, then swap places with your clone to quickly grab the ball before it rolls off the edge. Leave the ball here for a moment.

Run up the slope and create a new clone to throw through the portal, then swap places with your clone and ensure you are at the bottom of this next slope (on the other side of the portal) as you’ll be needing to catch the ball we’re about to send through, as shown below. Switch places with your clone once more and head back down to where the ball is.

Using the Hephaistos’s Hammer attack, hit the ball up the slope and into the portal, then swap places with your clone so you can grab the ball when it comes through the portal on the other side, as shown below. The recess this ball needs to go in will be just to the right of you.

Once the ball is in the recess, the gates to the optional chest that is just behind this second portal will open, and you can go over and claim your Hera’s Peacock Feather relic. Afterward, swap places with your clone to return to the main area and complete the trial. There is no “second chest” in this trial, despite one being listed in the menu, as your second reward is Aphrodite’s blessing, which she will give you when you leave the vault.

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