Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Get all 10 Molten Fragments to Get the Armor of Sacred Silver

When playing Immortals Fenyx Rising, you may have come across a Molten Fragment or two while tackling certain vaults, and if you’re wondering what they’re used for — we’ve got you covered. These fragments are used to obtain the Ultimate Armor by the name of the Armor of Sacred Silver.

There are ten Molten Fragments in total, and each one is found in an optional chest in ten specific arena vaults. The layout of each arena vault is the same, and fortunately, there are no puzzles to worry about. You simply have to pull the lever to enter the main arena, then defeat three waves of enemies (which vary depending on the arena).

After this, a lever on the left-hand side of the arena that was previously locked will now be available. Pulling it will spawn one last wave of enemies, and once they’re defeated this will trigger the air vents so you can access the optional chest to the left of the main arena. These optional chests are a must, as this is where the Molten Fragments are. For the location of each of the required arena vaults, just see below.

Valley of Eternal Spring — Arena of Fortitude

In the southern area of the Valley of Eternal Spring, on the same island as Eros’s Haven (which happens to be the closest fast travel point, if you haven’t already attempted this vault that is) you can find the first arena and it’s an easy one.

Valley of Eternal Spring — Arena of Heroism

The next arena vault in the Valley of Eternal Spring can be found northeast of Medusa’s island, with the closest fast travel point being the statue of the Goddess of Love. This arena is medium difficulty.

Grove of Kleos — Arena of Agility

Over in the Grove of Kleos, you can find the next arena just outside the northeastern section of the water pool area, next to a gold statue. The nearest fast travel point is the statue of the Goddess of Wisdom and this arena is medium difficulty.

The Forgelands — Arena of Bravery

Moving clockwise around the map, the next arena is in The Forgelands with Atmos Mechanikos being the nearest fast travel point. This arena vault is medium difficulty.

The Forgelands — Arena of Legends

The next arena is the first hard one, and as such, prepare yourself to face some of the wraiths inside. This arena vault can be found on the east side of The Forgelands, on the very tip of land just below Hera’s throne. The nearest fast travel point is The Aqueducts.

War’s Den — Arena of Strength

The next arena is close to the border with The Forgelands, but is technically in War’s Den. The nearest fast travel point the statue of the God of the Forge. This is a medium difficulty arena and it is behind a mortal field barrier. You’ll need to press the two heavy pressure plates outside to gain access.

One heavy block is readily there, and if you want to make quick work of the other plate you can simply use Phosphor’s Clone while using the Phosphor Automated skin, as this makes the clone heavy. Alternatively, hunt down the nearest heavy object for the second plate.

War’s Den — Arena of Humility

The next arena vault is found very close to the Gates of Tartoros, right beside a wall. This arena is medium difficulty and the nearest fast travel point is either Giant’s Fall, or Typhon’s Lair if you have this unlocked.

War’s Den — Arena of Wisdom

The next arena is medium difficulty and the nearest fast travel point is Protector Drakon Ismenios. This vault is right beside one of the large stone titan faces and should be easy enough to spot.

War’s Den — Arena of Champions

The last arena in the War’s Den area is yet another hard one, so prepare yourself for wraiths once more. This vault is found on the southeastern edge of the land, down on the coast behind Ajax’s Fort, which is the nearest fast travel point.

King’s Peak — Arena of Finesse

The final arena vault is found in the King’s Peak area, which is likely the last area you’ll explore in the game. This vault is found on the south of the island and is medium difficulty. It is down in a valley area, and there are two ways to get to it.

The first option is to fast travel to the King of the Gods statue and keep gliding/dropping down until you get there. Alternatively, if you have decent stamina you can fast travel to Guardian’s Hill in the Grove of Kleos and then glide over, though you’ll likely have to climb the last part of the journey to get to King’s Peak.

Hermes’s Heroic Task Board

You’ve now got all ten Molten Fragments, however, there’s a little more to earning your new armor than simply collecting all ten fragments. You’ll also have to complete all the tasks for the vault section of Hermes’s Heroic Task Board, this is the second one down on the left-hand side.

These tasks vary from completing vaults of a certain difficulty, completing a number of vaults with all optional tasks fulfilled, and more. The last task to be listed in this section is collecting all ten of the Molten Fragments, which you should now already have. Simply hand this task in to get your new armor!

Armor of Sacred Silver

The Armor of Sacred Silver is one of the four different variants of the Ultimate Armor, which means if you don’t already own one of these, you’ll get an awesome armor set where the body piece recharges godly powers at a faster rate, and additionally adds extra combo hits when using godly powers at higher perk levels.

Furthermore, the helmet increases the damage dealt when using godly powers, as well your stun rate If you do already own an Ultimate Armor set, it means you get a nice new cosmetic look for it in blue and silver.

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