Important Beginner Undertale Tips To Know Before You Start

Undertale is the cult-classic RPG that just won’t stop becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s because the game is getting rereleased on Xbox Game Pass, or because people are still eagerly awaiting Deltarune Chapter 2, Undertale became an overnight sensation, and its creator Toby Fox went from a relative unknown to a superstar that hangs out with Masahiro Sakurai and composes music for Pokemon games. Talk about a whirlwind success.

Now that Undertale is finally available on Xbox Game Pass it is due to have yet another wave of players become adoring fans overnight, and if you’re due to boot up the game for the first time (highly recommended) then we have the tips you need. Undertale can be an esoteric game at the best of times, but keep these tips in mind and you will slowly be able to uncover all of the secrets Undertale is hiding for yourself.

Just read through our tips below, and once you’ve played through the game once make sure to read our guide to see all of the alternate endings the game has to offer.

You Don’t Have To Kill Any Enemies

All of the enemies in Undertale can be reasoned with. Yep, every single one of them – somehow. It might not seem like it at first, but you can. For example, the dog enemies just want to be pet, and then that’ll often have them relax and disengage from combat. Every fight has an alternate solution to outright killing your foe, and the more you play, the more you’ll be able to recognise these opportunities. Just be warned, the outcome of some fights will heavily depend on what you did in earlier fights, so your solution may already be set in stone.

Your First Run Should Not Be Your Last

Undertale is a bit like Nier: Automata, in the sense that once you’ve seen one ending, you certainly haven’t seen it all. While repeat playthroughs won’t be quite as varied as what you have to see in Nier, you will be able to get access to completely unique ending scenes, and these will drastically change the nature of the story, and your actions.

What’s nice about the Undertale endings is that your actions are what decides the fate of the final sequences of the game, and you won’t get there just by playing again and again. Do you kill enemies, or spare them? Befriend people, or toss them away? There’s no binary choices to be made here, and every one of those subtle choices are what factor into those final moments.

If You See New Dialogue, Keep Talking

You are probably very used to having dialogue options in games which result in the same thing over, and over, and over. You know what it’s like, you talk to an NPC, and then the conversation suddenly stops progressing, but they’ll repeat the same handful of lines back at you. Well in Undertale a unique line of dialogue never means the end.

If you get unique dialogue in Undertale, you should keep going, because if you talk to the same NPC repeatedly and they keep offering short, but unique replies, then there will inevitably be something hidden at the end, whether that’s an alternate route or a character tidbit you’d otherwise entirely miss.

Feel Free To Search For Puzzle Solutions Online

I’m going to be honest with you, as someone that really likes Undertale: the puzzles in this game suck. Even the game knows, as the only puzzle you’re forced to endure doesn’t have a fail state. There are a fair few puzzles that are set to let you pass through even if make a wrong move – but the game already knows that these are a bit silly and unfair, to say the least. The puzzles are certainly not the highlight of the game here, and if you want to just search for a solution before you get tired of trying, I would frankly say go right ahead.

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