IO Interactive To Announce Something Other Than Hitman Tomorrow Morning

Big news from IO Interactive, makers of the renowned murder simulator Hitman. They’re working on a “new project” and plan to reveal it to the world tomorrow at 9 AM EST, according to their most recent Twitter post.

The words “new project” are key here since it most likely means we’ll see something other than another Hitman title. Hitman 3 was announced last June during the PS5 livestream event, so we already know that IO Interactive is working on a new Hitman game. This announcement will probably be something totally new that we haven’t even heard about.

So what could it be? Judging by IO’s history, probably some sort of third-person shooter. In 2003, IO made Freedom Fighters, a squad-based shooter where you play as the titular freedom fighters trying to overcome a Soviet invasion of New York. At the time, Freedom Fighters got great ratings for its squad tactics and friendly AI, which was considered marvelous for the era.

In 2007, IO Interactive took a step back from politics and started the Kane & Lynch series. Although financially successful after selling over a million copies of both games, neither Kane & Lynch title was nearly as well-reviewed as Freedom Fighters.

IO did just re-release Freedom Fighters on PC a few months ago courtesy of We didn’t think it was anything other than GOG keeping a classic game available on modern PC hardware, but maybe that was the precursor to a long-awaited sequel?

If you’re only here for Hitman news, we’ve got plenty of that too. Apparently, Hitman 3 will be more “brutal” than previous iterations of the franchise, and it’ll also get a free next-gen upgrade on PlayStation and Xbox. The PC version will be an Epic exclusive for a year, and a Switch version will come sometime in 2021, but will be entirely cloud-based.

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