Is Death Stranding coming to Xbox One?

As we bask in the warm, post-apocalyptic glow of Death Stranding running on our PS4, we're seeing division across gaming communities – Kojima's latest project has certainly proved divisive.

Gamers are flocking in their droves to defend the out-spoken creator, whilst others line up to criticize some bizarre story and gameplay choices, too. For a game about connection, it really is tearing people apart, eh?

But not everybody is taking part in the conversation: the game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and that means anyone without access to the console has been eager to know when they can play it – when they'll get to experience Kojima's first 'strand game' for themselves.

Which PlayStation exclusive are you most excited for?


Now, after we've seen the game has release on PS4, are we likely to see it launch on other platforms too? Here's everything we know so far.

At the time of writing, there are no plans to release Death Standing on Xbox One.

The game was developed by Kojima Productions with funding and support from Sony, and as such we're very unlikely to see the game release on any Microsoft platform.

To date, we haven't seen any Sony-published titles release on Xbox platforms – even though the relationship between Microsoft and Sony seems to be improving every day (we've even seen the two companies enable cross-play this year).

This means you're unlikely to ever see the likes of Spider-Man, God Of War, Detroit: Become Human, Nioh or Uncharted 4: A Thief's End come to Xbox One.

Thanks to a tweet on developer Kojima Productions’ official Twitter channel, though, we do know when PC players will be able to indulge in the gloriously bonkers game from the Metal Gear Solid creator.

As per Kojima Productions' tweet, Death Stranding will be arriving on PC 'early summer' next year.

Of course, this isn't the first we've heard of Sony moving its exclusives to PC – we already saw Street Fighter V get the same treatment shortly after its launch, and we can likely assume more titles will follow suit.

We'll update you as we learn more.

Death Stranding Review – 5/5

Reviewed on PS4 Pro

Death Stranding is the most unique big-budget game I’ve ever played, a socially-minded injection of inventive ideas into a genre that has long survived by being lazy and brutish. This ambitious formula-flipper is brimming with empathy and carefully courts cinematic influences, an ensemble cast and a world of eye-watering scale, delivering a sticky gameplay loop to tie it all together and create a console generation-defining experience.

All of this is complemented by an epic narrative and a meticulously melancholy world that carefully reflects the endangered society we live in, somehow using the surreal and imaginative elements debuted in trailers to deliver impactful truths and commentary about our divided world. Once more Kojima has proven himself as a brave game maker with boundary-probing ideas that will advance and influence the space for years to come.

The Good

  • A rich understanding of cinematic principles and a stellar cast results in a nuanced, affecting narrative
  • The gorgeous, oppressive world balances heavy gloom and hope to leave a lasting impression
  • A remarkable body of music soundtracks a series of tear-jerking moments, with emotion layered carefully into the sticky gameplay loop
  • Best in class graphics thanks to the stunning detail afforded by the Decima engine

The Bad

  • I’ve played it all and I’m desperate for more

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