It’s Game Time With Rezzil Player 22 Kicking off This Summer

It’s been football fever this month in Europe with the Euro 2020 event about to conclude on Sunday with an epic final featuring Italy and England. If you love the beautiful game and think you’re headers are the stuff of legend then those skills can be put to the test later this summer. REZZIL, the developer behind pro training virtual reality (VR) software Rezzil Player 21 has announced a new project exclusively for Oculus Quest, Rezzil Player 22.

While Rezzil Player 21 utilises Vive Trackers to help improve a players football skills, Rezzil Player 22 has had to take a different approach, concentrating on headers alongside other elements such as reaction times. There will be three modes components to the videogame Headers, Hoops Vision and Reaction Wall. Headers is fairly self-explanatory with a range of drills allowing players to practice their accuracy heading balls into a goal.

Hoops Vision is a basketball, rhythm-action mashup all about movement and coordination. Reaction Wall is a test of speed, hitting illuminated lights as quickly as possible. In addition to these three, Rezzle Player 22 will also include Rezzil Blokz, a racket game where you have to smash towering blocks as quickly as possible. All the modes will be supported by leaderboards plus there’s a huge range of customisation options available, with official kit from the likes of Adidas.

Rezzil Player 22 is Harder, Faster, Stronger and Smarter than anything we’ve created before!” Said Adam Dickinson, Development Director at REZZIL. “Having refined the REZZIL experience over the last four years, we have built a world-leading Sport and VR experience. For Quest users, we have tapped into our console and gaming heritage & experience to launch a multi-sport and game ecosystem that will resonate strongly with both casual players and aspiring athletes.”

“Athletes everywhere have come to rely on the REZZIL system to help hone their reaction times and skills, making sure they maintain their edge over the competition,” adds Andy Etches, Sports Director at REZZIL. “For the first time, we’re going to let everyone in on the secret: anyone can now benefit from our elite training methods – right in their living room! Learn killer techniques and get access to tips from pro-level coaches. If you’re looking to get to the top or even just to take the first step, Rezzil Player 22 will help you on your journey.”

REZZIL also has major plans for Rezzil Player 22 post-launch. These include a new mini-game called Rayderz, providing 30 levels of fitness/combat action in deep space. The ‘Headers’ mode will also be expanded with Clearing and Passing techniques and more customisation options.

Rezzil Player 22 will be launching for the Oculus Quest platform during the summer priced at $14.99 USD. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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