Job Advert Suggests Monolith’s Wonder Woman To Feature "Procedural Storytelling"

A new job listing at Monolith Productions hinted the upcoming Wonder Woman game will feature "procedural storytelling." It's most likely somehow related to the Nemesis System, utilized in the studio's latest project Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Narrative director at Monolith Tony Elias shared this new position on Twitter, calling on game writers to join the studio for its next project. "Apart from creating characters and writing tons of excellent dialogue, you will learn more about procedural storytelling than you thought possible," he wrote. The studio is currently working on Wonder Woman, briefly announced at The Game Awards last year.

When examining the job advert more closely, we learn that Wonder Woman is planning to deliver "player-driven stories" and "create emotionally engaging moments in terms of storytelling systems."

Monolith successfully experimented with procedural systems before in its Middle-earth games, which eventually led to Warner Bros. Interactive patenting the Nemesis System to not be copied by other developers. At the system's core, there are procedurally generated characters who remember the player's actions and recall them when being encountered later on. From the sounds of it, the studio is about to develop the system several steps further for Wonder Woman.

Several popular games tried to replicate a more simplistic version of the Nemesis System, like Assassin's Creed Odyssey with its procedurally generated legendary mercenaries. Still, Ubisoft's attempt was a far cry from the original in terms of depth, and it's a shame we never saw other games elaborate on the intriguing idea.

As for Wonder Woman, it'll be a single-player open world action game that will introduce the original story of Diana of Themyscira in the DC universe and won't be based on other media featuring the iconic superhero. Judging by this new job opening, the game is still a long way off launch.

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