Kao The Kangaroo: The Sparkly Funfair Walkthrough

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Kao The Kangaroo's Sparkly Funfair is one of the final stages in the game; as such, it has officially stopped pulling its punches. The Sparkly Funfair is interesting in that it mixes things up a little. Instead of starting from a hub world, you are introduced to the Isle Eternity world by way of this stage. And The Sparkly Funfair doesn't go easy on the player.

During this stage, you will be swapping between all your elemental abilities while platforming through a number of different scenarios. There are a very healthy amount of collectibles spread out across this stage. The Sparkly Funfair is an expansive carnival of nightmares, but like any good carnival, there are plenty of prizes here for the taking.

Step-By-Step Collectible Guide

Treasure Chests8
Extra Lives2
Heart Pieces2

At the beginning of the stage, you will gain your wind abilities. This will allow you to yank giant blocks toward yourself. Use this ability to climb up to the second level; there is a frozen treasure chest up here (the fire orb is nearby). Keep climbing and you will enter an area with frogsters (they're back). Beat 'em up and there will be another treasure chest out in the open and your first crystal (1/12) on your right.

Continue forward and you will be able to go into a circus tent on your left. However, before you do that, go straight. Use your grappling hook and swing across the gaps to grab the letter K. Once you finish fighting the bird, take a right as your leave the circus tent. Climb up the boxes to grab another crystal (2/12). Soon after you will hit a checkpoint. Don't go straight, though. Look to your left and climb up the planks of wood.

Work your way up and around, swinging from grapple points, freezing the water, and pulling blocks. You will eventually reach the letter A. On your way back, take the high-up platforms to grab another treasure chest. Head back to the main path. Now, you will encounter a group of frogsters mixed with monkeys. There is a crystal (3/12) above a trampoline here; hop up and grab it.

Now, take the bridge with the pendulum traps. At the end of the bridge, there is a treasure chest on your left. As you continue you will see a rollercoaster track with barrels bouncing down it. Don't go on the track yet. First, walk around the tent and grab the scroll (1/1) and the extra life. You will enter into a circus tent and fight a beakster who throws little tornados at you. They throw them in batches of three, so just attack after third one.

Once you beat the beakster, you can break the dark crystal to fight four waves of enemies (taken from every world). Once you beat them all you will be awarded an extra life. Once you get outside of the tent, you will get your first rune (1/3). Hit the button and slide down the pipe. You will now be back to the part of the stage with the giant chattering teeth, but the door will be open.

Next, pull some platforms with your wind power, and energize some platforms with your fire power. After you finish this segment, go into the tent and fight the monkeys. There is a treasure chest in here as well as a crystal on top of the boxes (4/12). Outside of the tent, you will see some grappling points; swing across to find this stage's first Eternal Well. There is also a crystal (5/12) around the other side of the tent here.

Eternal Well 12

This stage is fascinating, but once you understand it there isn't much to it. All the platforms just circle around endlessly. All five of the crystals intersect with a platform. So, make your way cautiously from one to the next, and you shouldn't encounter much of a challenge. Make sure not to miss the treasure chest, it is hanging upside down from a floating island, hovering above the revolving platforms.

Jump on the trampoline to get back onto the main path and follow the arrow signs. You will reach a checkpoint with a Ferris wheel beside it. Before you continue, look behind you for some stacked boxes. Jump on top of these, and you will see a crystal (6/12) paired with a dark crystal. Jump at them, hitting the dark crystal as you fall, and land on the dark energy platform below. Now get on that Ferris wheel.

Jump from platform to platform on the outside until you reach the other side, then jump back onto the inner track and let it take you up above; there is a heart piece up here. Grab it. Now, you will end up in a funhouse. Go straight to get a treasure chest. Take a left and there will be a crystal (7/12) sitting on a spike trap.

Take a left and you will end up in a dark room with a giant set of chattering teeth. Avoid the teeth and grab the crystal in the corner (8/12). Back on the main path, you will be ambushed by a bunch of frogsters. You eventually reach a checkpoint; there is a hallway to your left lined with bear traps. Roll through them and you will find yourself in a room with chattering teeth again. There are two treasure chests, a heart piece, and a crystal (9/12) in here!

Back on the main path, there will be spikey doors swinging at you. Jump past them when they are open. Keep following the path and you will find an extra life tucked away. There is another crystal (10/12) sitting in the middle of a hallway lined with spike traps; just roll through the entire hallway (it circles around). Take a left up ahead and you will find another Eternal Well.

Eternal Well 13

There is almost no trick to this one at all. It is all pretty straightforward platforming. Just take a right once you reach the stairs to get to the treasure chest. Beyond that, this is among the easiest Eternal Well challenges in the game.

Back on the main path, after you run past the rapidly closing spiked doors, take a left and you can claim the letter O and another crystal (11/12). Finally, you will meet back up with Kaia and you will need to play a game of whack-a-monkey. Just look for the pink smoke; it indicates where the monkey will pop up next.

Once you finish the game, break all the barrels, collect all the coins and grab the final crystal (12/12). You will also now be able to claim the last rune (3/3) and enter The Isle Of Eternity.

Where To Find The KAO Letters

KLocated near the first circus tent, you simply need to swing across the gaps using your grappling hook to obtain it.
AOnce you hit the checkpoint after you fight the bird in the circus tent, take a left at the checkpoint, and you will eventually reach this letter.
OWhen you encounter the area in the funhouse which features rapidly closing spike doors, take a left, and you will find the room that contains the letter O.

Where To Find The Runes

Rune 1This rune is just outside of the tent where you fought the waves of beaksters.
Rune 2After you have worked your way through the entire funhouse section, you will encounter this rune.
Rune 3Once you finish the whac-a-mole section, you will receive this rune.

Where To Find The Crystals

Crystal 1This crystal is obtained in the section where you fight possessed frogsters.
Crystal 2Climb up and around the first circus tent to claim this crystal.
Crystal 3This is above the trampoline at the second checkpoint.
Crystal 4You will find this crystal on top of a bunch of boxes in the circus tent filled with monkeys.
Crystal 5Circle the tent that holds the first Eternal Well in this stage in order to find this crystal.
Crystal 6This crystal is close to the Ferris wheel.
Crystal 7You will encounter this crystal at the beginning of the funhouse section.
Crystal 8In the first funhouse room with the giant chattering teeth, this crystal is found in the back corner.
Crystal 9This crystal is above the second set of chattering teeth.
Crystal 10You will find this crystal in a hallway to your left just after the rapidly closing spiked door.
Crystal 11This crystal is found in the same room as the letter O.
Crystal 12The final crystal is found on top of the crates in the whac-a-mole room.

Where To Find The Scrolls

Scroll 1This scroll is located behind the tent which has the barrels bouncing through it.

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