Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Everything You Need To Know About Horse Armor

Calling Kingdom Come: Deliverance committed to realism would undersell just how brutal this game can be. It is billed as an RPG, but really emphasizes the roll playing aspect by making you really need to play as carefully and strategically as possible to avoid an quick and easy death. Once you finally manage to scrape together enough funds to buy yourself a horse, you will probably want to protect that investment with some horse armor. Just like everything else in 15th century Bohemia, this won’t come easy. Here’s everything you need to know about horse armor.

What Horse Armor Does

Horse armor is just one way you can improve the stats of your horse. You are free to purchase horses with different base stats, and can improve them either by levelling up your Horsemanship abilities or by purchasing and equipping different armors. However, some armor types don’t actually have any effect beyond cosmetics, so know what you want to invest in before dropping your cash.

The different types and effects are:

  • Horseshoes – These make your horse faster while cantering, trotting, and galloping.
  • Spurs – Spurs allow you to have more control while riding your horse.
  • Bridles – Same as the spurs, this gives you more control.
  • Saddles – A saddle increases how much your horse can carry.
  • Caparisons – These are mainly just for cosmetic purposes, but do give the smallest increase to your horse’s defense. Thankfully they are generally very cheap.

Where To Get Horse Armor

While you do sometimes come across some types of horse armor for free, for the most part you will need to track down a specific trader to get new armor pieces. The merchants peddling horse armor can be found in Neuhof, Uzhitz, and Merhojed. The merchant in Neuhoff, Zora, has a particularly large inventory. Locate her right by the town’s entrance beside a fire.

What About Horse Head Armor?

Head armor for your horse, for whatever reason, cannot be bought by anyone in the game. Instead, you need to find it while out exploring the world. The best place to get some head armor will be near the center of the world map in the forest located just Northeast of Ledetchko village.

Go through the woods and to the edge of the cliff overlooking the river. On the side of the steep incline you will spot a massive bird’s nest with the corpse of a horse in it. Carefully, and we mean carefully, slide down the cliff from one safe point to another to make it safely down to the nest. Once you arrive, loot the horse’s body for the Chanfron and criniere. This piece of armor will give your horse some nice Blunt, Stub, and Slash defense.

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